Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shaun Kranish of Interviews Ed Brown (Partial)

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Blogger Tuva or bust said...

Where's the rest of the interview, Shaun?

8:52 PM  
Blogger Boss Playah D said...

Who is this Dutch character. Ed Brown for Governor of NH.

9:49 PM  
Blogger TruePatriot said...

Ed Brown for Governor, President, or any other elected position in government... over any of the incumbant malfeasant mongrels!

Say hello to the Gestapo USA!

1:32 AM  
Blogger The Freedom Fellowship said...


10:11 AM  
Blogger askingquestions said...

Shaun Kranish is a snitch and works with the feds. Look at the big picture. Funny how he is the only one able to get through to Ed.
Shaun Kranish = fed!

5:50 PM  
Blogger YankeesPie said...

I’ve been struggling with posting a comment since I first heard the audio of Ed’s and Shaun’s conversation. I’ve held off commenting in fear of creating further damage to our goals! But then I remembered Ed’s stand has always been to be right Out Front! Keeping things transparent is our only weapon against these people! We instinctively revert back to using the very tactics of secretiveness that we are trying to fight against!

These are my unanswered thoughts:

1. Dutch joined the forum May 4th, made only 3 posts.. How did he get Shaun's cell phone No.?
2. Where is the first audio of the conversation Shaun had with the Elkton Facility, he mentioned they were cut off?
3. What was the information he (Dutch) had for Shaun, that a man who's home was about to be foreclosed on, had the money to drive out to Indiana, later pay Shaun $1300.00 for a job never done, buy a laptop, hotel rooms, plane ticket, etc. etc.?
4. I concur with Ed; it seems very odd that you were allowed to call Ed and speak to him so easily! After all it is a Federal Prison, and I would think they would have the Attorney’s List and the go to people from the attorney’s office on file! And if you had the knowledge to be able to speak to Ed, why didn’t you contact Elaine’s son and pass that info onto David seeing he was obviously distraught with concern for his mother?
5. I remember when Shaun first came onto the scene and mentioned starting yet another web site for Ed; I thought that odd at the time. I felt starting another site, would only diversify the cause; we already had QFFT, ShowEdtheLaw, the sister site, and more I might not have mentioned. And then a very good friend of mine was asked to help Shaun tweak the site, Shaun said he was new to all this. I bring this up, because Shaun said in the audio he was a Computer Technician by trade??? Why did he need to seek help?

I question your motives Shaun, either you’re a Fed, paid informant, or have self serving motives of some kind. In any case I hope Ed thinks again, before having any further dealings with you. As for me; I will send any monies for a legal fund directly to Elaine’s son or the Attorney’s.
Something just doesn’t feel right here!

5:15 PM  

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