Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ron Paul wins another crushing straw poll victory

Despite not appearing at the conference, Paul won convincingly with 33% of the vote. Mitt Romney, who addressed the conference in a town hall meeting and during a general session, finished second with 16%.

read more | digg storyAfter hearing this news, Brits4RonPaul wrote:

That's right. Paul can't be at every event, he is just one man, but he still handed Rudy McRomney's arse to him on a plate! Romney even put some effort into this one and still came off second. It doesn't matter how much of his own money he throws at it, the power of REAL support is beginning to shine through.

Of course you won't hear any of this news on the BBC or Fox, but then what do you expect from two thoroughly discredited "news" organisations.

Indeed, after our meetup group event the other day, people in England are beginning to ask :

What is the point of the BBC?



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