Saturday, October 13, 2007

VIDEO Huge Ron Paul Rally of Marchers in NEW York City

Chanting and Marching "Not Just the Internet"

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Editor's Note:
These are the voices of everyday Americans! Everyday Americans who seek to end the wars overseas and the war against Americans here at home. Everyday Americans who are fed up and are standing up for the timeless message of freedom, liberty, justice and a return to the rule of law in our country. Thousands of every Americans who in over sixty cities today marched, walked, sang and chanted in celebration of this powerful energy that is coming from deep within our hearts and souls and expressing itself in an unstoppable wave of transcendent truth that will continue higher and higher and higher. Everyday Americans are "We The People" who are standing up and being responsible to our vow to uphold and defend the Constitution of the united states of America from all enemies foreign and domestic.

The energy, time, trust, heart and soul of everday Americans will rise up to demand that Ed and Elaine Brown - and all other political prisoners - be freed from prison NOW!!

Dateline Chicago, October 13, 2007: Ron Paul Is Hope For America!!



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