Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ron Paul Signs Emancipation Proclamation, Freeing Tax Slaves!

03 Oct 07, WASHINGTON, DC, CSA-- President Ron Paul announced the emancipation of all tax slaves within regions where the Union government remains in rebellion against the People of the States today. This daring frontal manoeuvre against the Union effectively starves the leviathan by removing its access to the fruits of tax slave labour, on which it so heavily depends for infernal revenue.


However, the Kennebunk Post objected strongly, "The North cannot survive Paul's blackmail. In Maine alone, 84% of all revenue is received as the fruits of tax slave labour. Emboldening the taxpayer to put off his chains will create domino bankruptcies across the North. The only solution is to proactively increase taxes to counteract the loss of fugitive tax slaves." The editorial was signed, "G. Walker Bush (GWB/rbc)". Read more here.



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