Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ron Paul Banners are "disorderly conduct"

Hat Tip to the LewRockwell blog which digged this story with the comment: "Officer Friendly strikes again. Of course, they might do the same to someone holding up a "Rudy" sign, but there's nobody who wants to be caught dead doing that."

Brian Heyer of Greenville Wisconsin wrote:

"This Youtube shows the interaction by Green Bay police officers kicking two Ron Paul sign holders off a pedestrian sidewalk along a city street that overpasses a freeway and threatening that ambiguous catch-all of police-thuggery "Disorderly Conduct" and $250 fine."

Officer Rolling Badge 683

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Blogger AFTF - Maine said...

I'm not sure about the state this was filmed in but the officer makes the comment "You can't carry a firearm" here in Maine Open Carry is 100% legal "WITHOUT" permit! I believe New Hampshire is the same way. Might want to double check that comment.

7:39 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...


NH, like my State (WA), is an open carry State...with a hitch. Open carry is allowed, but one must have a permit to carry a firearm IN A VEHICLE, whether concealed or not.

So, I guess if you walk to wherever you're going, you don't need a permit.

Officer Rolling is either ignorant of the law, or deceitful.


6:13 AM  

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