Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Even Mike Gravel Cannot Find the Law!

Interviewer gives a copy of Aaron Russo’s movie, America: Freedom To Fascism (AFTF) to Senator Gravel while saying:

“This is a film by Aaron Russo, it’s called America: Freedom To Fascism….it addresses the income tax and I know that….”

Senator Gravel: “Oh great. Ok great. What’s this one now?”

Interviewer repeats himself: “It’s called America: Freedom To Fascism, the guy who wrote…did you ever see the film Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd.…the producer of that he’s now put his effort in that because he’s sees how much…..”

Senator Gravel: “Unbelievable ripoff. What we have done with the income tax is so corrupt. I was on the [Senate] finance committee for 8 years. The code is that high [holds his hand/arm up at waist level] and nobody understands what the hell it says.”

Congressman Ron Paul Cannot Find the Law Either!!

View clip beginning at 2:00 min (left) mark:

Aaron Russo: “Is there a law that requires people to file a 1040?”

Ron Paul: “Not explicitly but it’s certainly implied.”

Aaron Russo: “Well implied by force, but is there a law?”

Ron Paul: “I cannot site a law….I cannot. But…you know…if they think it’s the law and they have all the guns….you know it’s an authoritarian approach.”

Aaron Russo:
“But that’s authoritarianism.”

Ron Paul: “Yea (yes)”.

Aaron Russo: “That’s not a country run by law.”

Hat Tip to Casey Lee Cobb over at and Jeff Neff who wrote:

"If you support liberty and an America you can be proud of, we all need to donate to this nobel man. I suggest $20 a/month or higher should you want to reach your maximum contribution limit of either $2,300 (single) or $4,600 (married). For as little as $5/week you can really change America!"

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