Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Operation New Hampshire: Getting Ron Paul Ads On TV In NH

About us!

Operation New Hampshire is a project of Americans United for Freedom PAC, a single candidate Political Action Committee registered with the FEC. Since we're a PAC, we're independent from the Ron Paul campaign and are run by the grassroots. Individuals can donate up to $5,000 per election cycle to the PAC to support our efforts to get Ron Paul ads on TV. All money we raise goes straight to TV airtime; none of it goes to administrative, etc. costs.

The TV Commercials!

We currently have THREE commercials made. View them here:

We should have more on the way!

Help get Ron Paul TV ads on the air in Iowa and New Hampshire

Editor's Note: How about an ad that highlights the stand/plight of Ed and Elaine Brown in reference to Dr. Paul's statements to shut down the Federal Reserve, end the IRS and allow individuals to once again be free to enjoy the full fruits of their labor which is an extension of their property and capital .



Blogger Robert said...

I love how this has become the "Ron Paul" blog......I guess since no blood has been spilled Ed Brown just can't keep your guys attention......ha! You should make a list of everyone associated with this "cause" who is now asking for donations...I can think of like 5 off the top of my head.......

10:17 PM  

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