Sunday, October 07, 2007

Forums Supporting Ed And Elaine Brown Bursting With Activity!

Sane wrote:

they have not silenced us!

seriously, who would have known about 100 more of the BS IRS tactics if not for Ed and Elaine Brown.

They opened the flood gates to millions about just how illegal the IRS is.

if you ask a question, they cut your power, encircle you with copters and armored vehicles, arrest visitors and threaten to rape them, use trojan horses to get into your house, then fulfill illegal kidnapping, unlawful arrest, violation of civil lberties, etc.

100 new tactics now known to 300 million American Citizens, no my friends this was a revealing week for us. the nature of the beast has finally uncovered the veils of (ahem) decency and showed to the world how satanic they really are.

Ahmed wrote: Hello all. It looks like Ed Brown is getting "diesel therapy". Last I heard he had been removed from the "bucket" (small prison) in Kentucky where he had been dropped off.

You may have heard that jailed 77-year old tax resister Irwin Schiff had a toe amputated due to being required to wear work boots 2 sizes too small (did I mention he's 77 years old?), and getting no medical treatment until gangrene set in. So the description below may sound familiar. This is an excerpt; the entire article is worth reading.

MaidMarion wrote:

For all of you who are feeling down right now, because of Ed and Elaine's arrest, I remind you to continue to do your own research and only settle for the truth.

We ddn't for a long time and believed the story of 911. Now we are over in Iraq committing torture on innocent people.

Is it such a gunatum jump for you that you do not understand that the same folks who have persecuted Ed and Elaine and many more, are the same people who have skimmed off social security and driven down wages leaving their own people working for almost slave wages?

All of this will be exposed. Remember Goliath was beheaded by his own sword.

Their windo of opportunity is closing and they know it. That is why they are coming on so strong with their hideous attacks.

There is cosmic justice, never forget that!



Blogger Scott Haley said...

To Ahmed:

"The last I heard..."---
What is that supposed to mean? Heard from whom? How? Why should we treat this as anything but unsubstantiated rumor?


12:22 AM  

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