Sunday, October 07, 2007 Provides A Supportive Report On The Browns

Ed and Elaine Brown arrested in New Hampshire

Saturday, October 6th, 2007Presidential hopeful Ron Paul agrees with the Browns' plight, and compares them to Ghandi!

The couple that gained fame or infamy (depending on who you ask?) were taken into custody on Thursday night, after a five-month standoff with police and over a decade of refusing to pay their taxes. Authorities say they were taken peacefully from their Plainfield, New Hampshire home, although Brown supporters are asking for "proof of life" and are calling it a kidnapping by the "Feds."

The Browns haven't paid taxes since 1996, and were convicted of federal tax charges on January 18th. They were not present in court for their April sentencing, where they were given 63 months (5 1/4 years) federal prison term. They gained media interest and thousands of supporters for their stance that there is no law that makes the average American liable for being taxed on their income. They holed up in their home and refused to surrender, keeping weapons for defense, and getting power from a wind turbine generator and solar panels. They filed 42 motions in Concord, New Hampshire's U.S. District Court, which were all denied.

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