Sunday, October 07, 2007

Reports From The Old Controlled Media vs. The New Media of We The People

Experts: More charges likely for Browns - October 7, 2007

Browns likely a footnote for protesters - October 7, 2007

Editor's Note: First, We The People - creators and keepers of the "New Media" where the light of freedom, truth and justice reign - are still asking for evidence and confirmation that Ed and Elaine Brown are ok. We have yet to hear/see the "Old Controlled Media" ask this simple question.

Second, for the past 7+ years We The People have been asking our servant government questions - through formal petititions for redress of grievances regarding facts that have been presented and delivered to all 535 members of Congress, DOJ, President and officers of the Executive branch - regarding the denial of due process, unlawful operation of our courts and administration of the Federal Income Tax. The Old Controlled Media has refused to cover this groundbreaking story that began in the fields of freedom and truth among individuals who are demanding a return to justice and the rule of law in America.

Regarding Ed and Elaine Brown, earlier this year Bob Schulz - Chairman of We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education - conducted a detailed examination of Ed and Elaine Brown's case and file this report - see below - which, to this day, members of the "Old Controlled Media" failed to report on.

Bob Schulz wrote:

Ed Brown Is Only A Symptom

January 25, 2007

On January 12, Ed Brown of Plainfield, New Hampshire walked out of his federal criminal tax trial protesting what he claimed was the District Court’s unjust deprivation of his Rights to Due Process and a Fair Trial. He retreated to his rural home and publicly announced that he would resort to armed resistance if U.S. officials attempted to intercede or further deprive him his constitutionally protected Rights.

At the heart of Brown’s protest is the Court’s failure, in denying Brown’s substantive and dispositive pre-trial motions, to properly respond to the questions and issues that were presented to the Court in the motions – that is, the Court’s failure to state the facts and the questions being presented by Brown, the law and how the Court was applying the law to answer the questions.


Appearing without attorneys, the Brown’s pre-trial motions were exceptionally well drafted and presented significant questions of law to the Court, questions that should have been addressed by the Court but, in most cases, were not.

Unless a motion was totally frivolous, (Note: the Court never used that word and there is no indication of frivolity in the Record) the Court in the interest of fairness and justice, should have issued Motion Decisions that stated the facts, the arguments by both sides for and against the motion, the applicable law and an explanation of how the Court applied the law to the facts. The Court failed to do this, but should have, even if the trial had to be delayed. After all, the Browns had formally waived their Right to a speedy trial.

Click here to read more.

In addition to the above, We The People - to the best of our knowledge - have confirmed that Ed Brown refused to partake in a Federal trial when the courts usurped the powers of the jury. Click here for more.

The "Old Controlled Media" has been used to advance private corporate-government-military interests that are being directed to deprive We The People of a God-given "public good" which is good government - ie. the administration of divine justice in a civil society. Please join and support the New Media among We The People. Lift up your keyboards, your cameras and let your voices sing in harmony as we move higher and higher towards the manifestation of a New World where peace, justice and the rule of law reign.



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