Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Dam Is Breaking: The Freedom Message Is Spreading Everywhere!! Yikes!!

Dennis Berlin over at couldn't contain himself when he wrote:

Glenn Beck the Libertarian, Ann Coulter the Paulite???

I am flabbergasted. I just got done watching Glenn Beck do a segment on his CNN Headline News show, which he called "The Ron Paul Effect"! In this surprise segment, Beck actually praised many of Ron Paul's positions, pointing out how attractive these positions ARE to him, and to others harboring a libertarian mindset! Who would have KNOWN???


In the same evening of flipping through news channels, I also watched Bill O'Reilly flailing about without even his USUAL fake persona of see-through plastic dignity, because he seems to be feeling the strong reverberations of a loud and growing cry throughout America, for a return to civil liberties--a call for us to swear off all torture, to stop invading privacy without credible and constitutional judicial warrants, to return to our American principles as outlined in the Bill of Rights! In Bill's flustered state, he told a blatant lie on the air, tonight, when he asserted that all the people reporting that our government is committing these constitutional violations, are ALL JUST MAKING IT UP, and that they are spreading phony propaganda! Wow! Is Bill delusional???


O'Reilly's ire, believe it or not, is a GOOD sign for Ron Paul's essential message! The message of liberty is penetrating to such a depth, now, that it has flustered Bill into a rare resort to rank propaganda, which is only one step down from his more common, more misleading and more dangerous form: sinister propaganda.


I saw yet ONE MORE GOOD SIGN tonight, coming from the ultimate of Neocon heros, speaking on the ultimate of Neocon media outlets, to the ultimate poster child of the Neocon movement! I saw none other than Ann Coulter, herself, visibly disturbed, complaining vehemently to Sean Hannity, that she didn't know if she could BEAR, having to defend the likes of Rudy Giuliani for the next year and a half! She let out something of a small tirade against the multitudinous NON-conservative positions held by all of the leading Republican candidates, while Sean tried his best to calm her conservative core from having a libertarian meltdown! Because, with the exception of the war, that is where her comments seemed to be tending! It seemed like all of the positions she found WANTING in the leading candidates, were the VERY POSITIONS Ron Paul is championing! From gun rights, to taxes, to abortion, she sounded for all the world, like a Ron Paul protest vote in the making!

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