Friday, October 19, 2007

Browns, Explosives, Bombs and 9/11

The ATF Manchester Field Office, the Boston ATF Arson and Explosives Group, Special Agent Bomb Technicians and Explosive Enforcement Officers from the ATF National Response Team, along with Forensic Chemists from the ATF Forensic Science Laboratory in Washington, D.C., and ATF Explosive Detection Canine Teams, all responded to assist in the identification, rendering safe and cataloging of the numerous explosives, firearms and ammunition that were recovered. Read more here.

Editor's Note: It's amazing how these same-related government teams have completly ignored massive evidence of explosives and bombs inside the WTC complex on 9/11 - see more here and here and here. As one researcher wrote:

Bombs, explosions, secondary explosions, explosive many more times do we need to hear these words being said by 9/11 witnesses before we start asking questions about what really happened on that awful day?

This video shows that many actual 9/11 witnesses heard and saw explosions going off inside the towers, long before they actually fell. These witnesses include police, firemen and mainstream media reporters.

And what is even more shocking is the fact that all of this has been ignored by the mainstream media.

We really need to wake up to the facts and ask questions. If we don't, what does that say about us?

And for those paid or unpaid debunkers who try to ridicule videos like this, please save your breath. No, there were NO gas pipes in the twin towers. And the sound of TV's exploding is nothing like as loud as the repeated explosions that were heard all over the towers. And finally, the reason why some of the lip movements of the speakers do not quite match up with the audio is because YouTube compresses videos into FLV format which causes the video and audio to fall out of sync.

9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!

To Conclude: We The People of America wonder why and how our servant government allowed these bombs and explosives to find their way deep inside what, at one time, were some of the most heavily populated buildings on planet earth. The cover-up continues to this day. God Bless Ed and Elaine Brown!



Blogger Mad Dog Marine said...

I couldn't help but notice the names of the two IRS personnel mentioned in the USMS news release --Bricker and Crocker. What a crock!!! Everything about these people are bogus. The law is bogus, the names are bogus, the IED's are bogus(probably,at worst, signal flares). Strange how hundreds of visitors never set any off. They referred to the tax laws being enforced several times in the release, yes the very same law they refuse to show anyone. I recall an account where the BATF raided a place and found galvanized plumbing pipe. They labeled that as "bomb making material" When are the American people ever going to wake up to this crap. These people take great joy in false names,fabrication,and outright sensational lies. Good God, maybe this is where the missing weapons of mass destruction are located?
Any movie producers out there?.
Maybe we can turn this into a "three stooges movie".

5:01 PM  
Blogger David Christopher said...

I agree - go ahead and try to get an interview with "Bricker & Crocker" and get a copy of their IDs.

Good luck < sic >

7:31 AM  

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