Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Order on Tax Evasion Site Blocked

A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked an order that the Internal Revenue Service be given the names of people who acquired materials from a Web site on how to defeat the tax laws.

The Web site,, shut down last week and posted an Aug. 9 order to do so from Thomas J. McAvoy, a senior federal judge for the Northern District of New York.

Judge McAvoy ruled that evidence showed that the Web site was inciting people to violate the tax laws. The judge found that under a 1969 Supreme Court ruling, the Web site had thus lost its First Amendment protections as either commercial or political speech.

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Blogger SynKronoS said...

judge thomas j mcavoy needs to order the irs to show us the law he is defending ans while he is at it he can present his "oath of office" which should be on the record by now or he is merely impersinating a judge

9:54 AM  
Blogger TruePatriot said...

We The People ought to procure this malfeasant judge's contact information & convey our dissent & abhoration to the despicable disservice he is perpetrating.

We The People need to hold these bastards accountable & prove we are watching & will NOT tolerate such a travesty upon our beloved Constitution!!!

12:05 PM  

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