Monday, September 10, 2007

9/11 Chat With Elaine Brown on RBN

BSRegistration - aka "Fred" - and Rosalie Grable - aka "The Webfairy" - joined Elaine Brown in a discussion about 9/11 this morning. We talked about the growing research into digital "TV Fakery" on 9/11 with special references to the work of SocialService's groundbreaking series "September Clues" and Fred's series "9/11 Octopus".

Click here to view the other six (6) segments, including a "9/11 The Final Solution":

Click here to visit The Republic Broadcasting Network's archives to listen to today's show which aired from 10-11 am eastern time.

Note: Ed and Elaine's show on RBN switched today to our new scheduled airtime slot which will be from 10-11 am eastern time.



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