Monday, September 10, 2007

Lots of Good Stuff on Aaron Russo and His Funeral

Aaron Russo had a gruff exterior but a heart of gold. Quite a few people told tales (and even more personal anecdotes when we were all standing around talking informally) about how difficult he could be to work with — but how worthwhile it always ended up being, whether in politics or show business. He drove a hard bargain and expected no less than the absolute best one could possibly perform, and then some. His childhood, his rock promotion career, his movie productions, Mad As Hell, his gubernatorial run in Nevada, his presidential bid and Freedom to Fascism had the same tone: Cutting edge productions that altered the future of people touched by his work.

Aaron never knew any personal limitations with respect to show business, but did with politics. He once told me the free market decides which movie is good, which band to go see or which television program to watch. His job was merely to recognize the talent and market niche, to ensure that the money found for the project and that it was properly produced and promoted. With politics, he argued, the same principles should apply — but don’t. Unfortunately, he reasoned, the political and media elite control the political process and there is no free market with respect to the political choice most Americans receive on Election Day.

Aaron was discouraged after his failed presidential bid for a few days, then called me excitedly about his next project, which turned out to be Freedom to Fascism. He was never a quitter and was always looking ahead at the next gig, as opposed to reflecting on the last one. Since Ron Paul announced his candidacy, Ron Paul was Aaron’s next political gig.

If Aaron was still alive, the Internet would be Aaron Russo’s next Kinetic Playground. Ron Paul would be his next Bette Midler. Ron Paul’s campaign would be his latest project and Aaron would be working to see that campaign had the necessary money and promotion available to win.

Aaron’s body is no longer with us, but his spirit is. He can’t complete his final production, but the piece of Aaron Russo which remains in everyone touched by him can. Aaron more-or-less said that it’s up to us to complete his final act by doing what we can to help the Ron Paul campaign.

Aaron wanted the words Freedom Fighter etched upon his tombstone. I’m no good at saying good bye.

So long friend, so long brother, so long Freedom Fighter.

Read more at Steven Gordon Unleashed.


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