Saturday, September 15, 2007

Everyone Trying To Visit The Browns Have Been Turned Away

We have multiple reports from eyewitness sources that have confirmed that Federal Marshals have turned people away after demanding personal ID information and issuing warnings that if they attempt to return they will be arrested.

One witness who was turned away said there were 20+ marshals at the base of Center of Town Road with a tent and there are reports that the woods are filled with the same around the Brown's property.

This same individual - who declined to be interviewed via Audioblogger - said that he's "very worried that something is going to happen to the Browns and it's ain't going to be pretty.....but the honest to God truth is that they haven't done anything to hurt anybody and they haven't violated any law."



Blogger Anthony, Founder said...

It sounds like they might be trying to starve the Brown's out, If they can't get food and supplies from outsiders. Is that possible?

7:51 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

I think the following is more likely.

A decision has been made to keep people out because the misguided Marshals are planning to move in and surround the house. They want as few civilians there as possible.

While memories of Ruby Ridge and Waco have held them back, as well as exposure of this whole thing by supporters, they can't allow the situation to continue forever. They know that the Browns are largely self-sufficient and could wait them out for many more months. The whole thing makes the authorities appear to be impotent or incompetent. Someone high up the Corporatocracy food chain most likely has made a decision: root them out of there. The drones will follow orders.

Turning people away from the property is a really bad sign. I'm afraid that things are about to heat up.

I hope I'm wrong.

9:39 PM  

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