Saturday, September 15, 2007

IRS Fraud - Notice of Federal Tax Liens

This is a recorded meeting of County Commissioners with citizen participation, held on 08-08-2007 in Douglas County Oregon. Rae Copitka ... all » explains how the IRS gets the county recorders to stamp and recording Notices of Federal Tax Liens, which are then enforced as if they are valid liens. The IRS then uses the recorder's stamped copy of the recording as its only "evidence" of a lien. The IRS agent gets away because his name is not on the filing. The clerk can then be charged with securities fraud, because she converted the "notice" into a negotiable instrument.

More here.


Blogger Mad Dog Marine said...

Please post a link to follow up meeting. It gives an excellent insight into the lawyers mindset.
Special Tax Liens meeting 09/07/2007

11:45 AM  

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