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The Bombing of Nagasaki August 9, 1945: The Untold Story

08/09/07 "Lew Rockwell" --- 62 years ago, on August 9th, 1945, the second of the only two atomic bombs (a plutonium bomb) ever used as instruments of aggressive war (against essentially defenseless civilian populations) was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, by an all-Christian bomb crew. The well-trained American soldiers were only "doing their job," and they did it efficiently.

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Blogger Scott C. Haley said...


Kudos to Dr. Kohls for a much needed and instructive article.

I was raised as a Lutheran, but converted to Zen Buddhism in 1974. I therefore especially appreciated the article's appeal to Christians to seek the way of nonviolence.

3:02 AM  
Blogger Tuva or bust said...

Brown: War is coming
Union Leader Correspondent
7 hours, 10 minutes ago

PLAINFIELD ā€“ Ed Brown is at war.

The battleground, for now, is his castle-like home in otherwise peaceful Plainfield. But Brown sees this war spreading, becoming an uprising against a corrupt federal government, and eventually, a revolution.

"It has never, ever been resolved without war!" an infuriated Brown shouted during an interview on his porch Wednesday.

If federal agents storm Brown's property, he and his supporters will come out shooting. Brown said yesterday that if those agents kill him or his wife, Elaine, his supporters will systematically find and kill Plainfield Police Chief Gordon Gillens, Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Prozzo and others Brown says are sworn to protect him.

"Why do you think we know where they live?" he said.

Brown predicts the people's war against corruption will begin within the next 18 months.

He has spent the last 15 years doing research, trying to identify the culprits of that corruption. "I'm still conducting my investigation," he said.

He points his finger at Freemasons, Zionist Jews and what he says is a secret society known as the Illuminati. Brown said his extensive research shows these groups are all working together in a global conspiracy.

"We're not conspiracy theorists," Brown said, settling into a chair on his unfinished concrete porch. "We deal with conspiracy facts. Freemasonry and Judaism -- that is the truth. That is the fact. That is where all the world's problems come from . . . I know for a fact that they're working together."

Pressed for proof of his claims, Brown said people should do their own homework and look up groups like the Freemasons on the Internet. Indeed, a great deal of speculation surrounds the secret fraternal organization, especially with regard to its origins, but so far, proof of an international conspiracy is lacking.

Ed and Elaine Brown stopped paying federal income taxes in 1996 and claim that no law requires average American workers to pay the tax.

Confronted with the Browns' claim, a high-ranking spokesman for the Internal Revenue Service pointed to two sections of Title 26 in the U.S. Code, neither of which make clear who is liable to pay income tax. The spokesman, Frank Keith, said Title 26 must be taken as a whole, not dissected, and that criminal convictions prove people are liable.

Ed and Elaine Brown were convicted of felony tax evasion in January, but they have remained in their home, pledging to defend themselves against federal authorities with deadly force.

On June 7, more than 100 heavily armed state and federal law enforcement officers swarmed the area around the Browns' home. While taking a morning walk, 39-year-old Danny Riley, a supporter who was staying there, discovered armed officers in the woods near the driveway. He claims he was shot at, struck with a Tazer, detained and questioned for hours before being released.

That's when the war started, Brown says.

"If they're willing to kill him, then they're willing to come in here and kill us," he said. "We're in a state of war now, and we're going to act accordingly." A few minutes later, Brown admitted he's "antsy." He hasn't left his home in more than seven months. "I'm not accustomed to sitting around," he said.

The house was quiet Wednesday evening, once he finished his war tirade. It appeared that only Ed, Elaine and Jim Hobbs, formerly of Phoenix, Ariz., were staying there.

Ed said some supporters have left and others were asked to leave after they broke "house rules," by having a "secret meeting" in the house. But more are on the way, he said.

"We'll be getting better help here. It's just a matter of time before they come." Brown still offers no prediction as to what might happen to end his standoff with federal authorities.

"The ball's in their court now," he said.

U.S. Marshal Steve Monier has repeatedly said he wants to avoid a violent clash on the Browns' property and said that his office continues to seek a peaceful solution to the situation.

"Time will tell, won't it?" Brown said.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Ryan Mann said...

If he really is anti-jew, I would emagine he will lose a lot of support. The jews already suffered a holocaust. What more does Ed Brown want?

11:29 AM  
Blogger TruePatriot said...

Ahh... just leave the "Holocaust" out of this. They've gotten their country, perennial support from the USA, global sympathy, & everything else.

Some readers may try to label me an anti-semite, for merely stating the facts, but I'm just tired of everyone aiming to render the Zionists immune from cullpability or libel because a supposed 6 million jews were killed.

There were countless other human beings of other ethnicities slaughtered in that war, too!

11:59 AM  
Blogger Tuva or bust said...

When was the last time Ed bothered to appear on the Ed Brown radio show? Weeks? Months?

1:53 PM  
Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

To Tuva:

We're all aware that Ed has his flaws. We all do, in one way or another.

The point is: this issue is much larger than that of Ed Brown. The Constitution is continually being abrogated, and our Republic basically has been trashed over a long period of time.

Who is to blame? Ultimately, we are.

Boycott the Establishment political system. Once it crumbles from sheer lack of support, CITIZEN politicians who want to restore the Republic will have a chance to make a difference. Boycotting is the only reasonable and effective action left to us to drive out the systemic corruption.

Just my opinion.


3:31 PM  
Blogger Tyler Moore said...

War is coming, I agree with Ed there. But it's not about Freemasons and Illuminati. It's just us going after the thugs that decided to camp up in the District and across this nation.

No conspiracy, just typical thuggery that we say everyday in every country.

As one with a Jewish heritage I have to agree with TruePatriot. Homosexuals, Gypsies, Blacks and, hell Communist[!] (and remember I'm an AnCap) were rounded up and killed by the Fascist. Instead of breaking it down into groups (and promoting segragation and racism, let's just point out what it was. It was murder of human beings by the State.

And thus it is happening again in this country, as it has been happening in many other countries including Israel (by and to the Israelis!)!

12:06 PM  
Blogger Tyler Moore said...

(say = see, typo in my last post)

Confronted with the Browns' claim, a high-ranking spokesman for the Internal Revenue Service pointed to two sections of Title 26 in the U.S. Code, neither of which make clear who is liable to pay income tax. The spokesman, Frank Keith, said Title 26 must be taken as a whole, not dissected, and that criminal convictions prove people are liable.

Heh-heh. Seems like a certain reporter in the Union Leader might be getting the idea. So, the courts and people going to jail "proves" they are liable, but he can't "dissect" the 'law'.

I think Ms. Senz is one step closer to the edge... ^_^

12:10 PM  
Blogger Tyler Moore said...

Submitted to the Union Leader for a comment to the article "War is Coming":

I notice that the comments printed on here in support of the Brown's all feature bad grammar and spelling errors. I hope this isn't an attempt to paint a false image of Brown supporters.

I disagree with Ed on his far-out conspiracy theories, and I'm not even that sure on his stance on the income tax, I've seen valid arguments both ways. However, I do agree with him on that this is a war. I hate the idea of conflict and death, and I urge restraint by patriots not to make haste to war, yet it is a reality we are facing right now, and the country seems to be asleep! Our Founding Fathers went to war over 8% in taxes and far less people dead than have been killed by our law enforcement officers in a last decade. We are far worse now than we were before 1776. Isn't it time we step up to the plate of history? And sorry to Mr. Brown, but this isn't his war, he's a small part of it, just like everyone else...

2:22 PM  
Blogger TruePatriot said...

We The People, NEED to act in a synergistic fashion; i.e., UNITY!!!

The so-called government utilizes an age-old stratagem, which is divide & conquer, simultaneously seeming to bring order out of chaos... that those malfeasant bastards create!!!

Here are but a few examples, in which the government AND the media propagate the forgoing:

Blacks against the whites.
Liberals against the conservatives.
Republican against the Democrats.
Heteros agains the homos.
War on drugs.
War on illiteracy.
War on poverty.
War on terror.
War on violence.

They create & perpetuate turmoil, maintaining the demy need for direction & protection, as they eviscerate our beloved Constitution & suck us dry.

The Browns may not be spot on, insofar as all of their theories & claims. Everyone, who visits this forum MUST consider but a few irrefutable facts. Our government is out-of-control & we are on the threshold of a Police State. Our government does not hold itself accountable for the ill-will it has brought to the citizens of this (once great) country. Those malfeasant bastards, sworn to uphold the Constitution are surreptitiously plotting to relinquish the USA's sovereignty, giving way to the North American Union.

So, the list goes on & on & the ONLY way to breathe wind into the sails of change is... UNITY!!!

You do not have to agree with everything that the Browns are saying. However, there IS NO DENYING that the gist of their plight is righteous, valiant & venerable.

6:14 PM  

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