Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Visit to Diebold Elections Systems, Inc., in Allen, Texas

And Yet Another Sad Chapter from the Lying Liars of Diebold, America's #1 Un-American Voting System Company...

Staying, as we were for a few days, just about five minutes from Diebold Election Systems, Inc., headquarters in Allen, Texas, we thought it might be nice to drive by and see the old place for ourselves late last Saturday night...

Read more and see photos at BradBlog.


Blogger TruePatriot said...

Here's a video that EVERY red-blooded American should watch, as it blatently demonstrates the nefarious collusion of our malfeasant government & the mainsteam media. It's but a single example, of many, where they attempt to overthrow a foreign government through outright lies & an insidious scheme!

2:02 AM  
Blogger Tuva or bust said...

Louisiana lawyer beats tax charges; worries for Browns
Union Leader Correspondent
8 hours, 40 minutes ago

If he could go back in time, Ed Brown says he wouldn't change his legal strategy, even after learning about a Louisiana lawyer who defeated similar tax evasion charges last month.

Brown, who claims Freemasons are conspiring to control the world, said Shreveport, La., attorney Tom Cryer won his case because he's a member of that group.

"Of course he won his case," Brown said. "He's one of the boys."

A federal jury acquitted Cryer on July 11 on two counts of willful failure to file a tax return. Cryer convinced jurors that he genuinely believed he was not liable for the $73,000 in taxes the government says he owes for tax years 2000 and 2001. Absent proof of criminal intent, the jury acquitted him.

Ed and Elaine Brown, who were convicted in January of felony tax evasion, sought during their trial to prove that no federal law made the couple liable to pay income taxes.

"Our whole defense was the law, and the judge told the jury they could not consider the law," said Elaine Brown, a former Lebanon dentist.

Ed Brown stopped attending the couple's trial halfway through, calling it a sham.

Despite being sentenced to more than five years in prison, the Browns remain at their Plainfield home and vow that they won't be taken alive by federal authorities.

In a telephone interview last week, Cryer said he, too, was barred from introducing as evidence any federal statutes during his trial. So, he memorized them instead, and presented the laws as they related to his belief that income tax doesn't apply to wages earned in exchange for labor.

Cryer started researching income tax law several years ago after someone convinced his friend to stop filing returns. He says he was hoping to keep his friend out of trouble.

"I knew there had to be a law," he said. "The government couldn't collect taxes from people who weren't liable." Although some of his legal citations take up entire pages, Cryer said the basis for his belief is fairly simple. It revolves around the definition of the word "income." "In order for it to be income, it has to be separable, which means you have to be able to identify the capital and the profit," he said. Because you trade time and energy for wages, "What you earn with your own personal labor does not meet the constitutional definition of income."

Cryer said if everyone who isn't liable stopped paying federal income taxes, the government would return to its intended size.

"Part of the problem is that the government was put on a 1,500 calorie diet by the Founding Fathers to keep it from outgrowing its britches," he said. "They have managed to break into the feed shed and break their diet and now they've outgrown their britches."

Cryer said he's not sure if his legal strategy would have worked for the Browns.

"No two cases are alike, so it's hard to say, but I think if the Browns had been able to get their beliefs and the reason for them before the jury, then they would have at least have had a chance," he said.

Cryer balked at Brown's suggestion that he won his case because he's a Freemason. "There is no national or world organization of Masons," he said.

"How in the world are we going to have a conspiracy to take over the world?

"All the Masons do is pass on values that I think Ed and Elaine would approve of, if not applaud, if they knew about it," he said.

Cryer said he doesn't know what will happen next in his case -- whether the Internal Revenue Service will go after him through civil channels -- but in the meantime, he's spreading his message with a Web site called The site acts as a clearinghouse for tax protesters to organize and disseminate information.

Meanwhile, as the Browns approach eight months of seclusion in their Plainfield home, Cryer said he's scared for them.

"The minute the government thinks that we're not watching, I think the government's going to go in there, and somebody's going to get hurt," he said.

Steve Monier, U.S. marshal for New Hampshire, has repeatedly said he wants to avoid a violent confrontation with the Browns and find a peaceful solution to the impasse.

10:30 AM  

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