Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sports Gamers Discover Tommy Cryer's "Not Guitly" Verdict

You Can't Show Me, Can You?

I'm surprised that even with the couple of lawyers that post here, no one has mentioned this
lol You can't find this on the "real" news, hmmm I wonder why?

Ed Brown Extended Entries: Tom Cryer's Trial Summary

Read more here.


Blogger George Vreeland Hill said...

I support Ed and Elaine Brown, a couple who have been convicted of tax evasion by the government of the United States.
The Browns are right, and their refusal to pay income tax is not only right, but legal.
In fact, the taxes that the Browns are being forced to pay is illegal.
Let me begin.
There are many forms of taxation.
Property, excise, sales, and income are just a few of the commodities that are taxed in the United States.
Of those, income tax is a tax that is based on earnings, with a certain percent going to tax.
Until 1913, there was no such thing as an income tax.
At that time, Congress brought forth the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the federal income tax amendment, which was allegedly ratified in 1913.
To ratify the 16th Amendment, at least 3/4 or 36 of the states had to approve the amendment.
There were 48 states at that time.
Of those 48 states, only two actually ratified the 16th amendment, and those same two may not have done so legally.
In other words, the 16th amendment giving the government the right to tax income, was never made legal.
To put this into more simple terms, it is illegal to collect income tax.
It has been illegal since 1913.
The government has no right to make you pay an income tax.
In fact, it is theft.
In 1913, Secretary of State Philander Knox announced ratification by 38 states, but among those same 38 states, there is absolute proof that:
The Kentucky Senate voted down the resolution by a 22 to 9 vote.
The California legislative assembly never recorded any vote to ratify the 16th amendment.
The State of Minnesota sent nothing to the Secretary of State in Washington.
The California legislative assembly never recorded any votes which means that no one knows how California voted, if it even voted at all.
This all means that the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was never ratified, meaning it was never approved.
So the U.S. Government never had the legal right to collect income tax from its people.
This means that Ed and Elaine Brown are right in refusing to pay this tax, and the government is wrong.
I am in complete support of them!
If you are as well, please sign this petition:

Thank you.
George Vreeland Hill

4:40 PM  
Blogger The Freedom Fellowship said...

thanks for sharing george!

10:04 PM  

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