Monday, July 23, 2007

Not Guilty

Hat tip Mark Yannone.


Blogger TrueLogic said...

This photo is Patriotic... True to the Flag, and to the Republic for which it stands... It's Constitutionally AND Lawfully Correct... By Statute, Regulation and (IRC)Code!It is also True to the spirit of NH, and to the Beliefs of Most, if not All NH Residents/Citizens.

1,314,895 of us according to the Census FY2006 Estimate...
Since there are so many Potential Jurors, 1,314,895 right here in NH to choose from... and over 300 Million Nationwide...

Why not simply ask them ALL?!

I Ask every NH Citizen throughout the Granite State: What is Your Verdict? Let it be Known!

Give the Brown's a "FAIR" Retrial!

Otherwise Dismiss ALL Charges and Return all Property on grounds of clear and irrefutable Evidence:

Of violating the U.S. and the State of N.H. Constitutions.

Of Court misconduct and Violation of Oath of the Prosecutors, Judge Steve McAuliffe, and various other officers and Agencies...

Of coercing a Jury into a Finding of Guilty, without even presenting those Jurors any evidence for the Brown's Defense! Even more Suspiciously, the Jurors also were not allowed to see any evidence from the Prosecution either!

The Judge would not allow the Browns to present Evidence in their defense to the Jury...

The Judge would not allow the Prosecution to show the IRC as evidence against the Browns...To the Jury.

hmmmm. Seems to Me that if a Jury hasn't yet seen Evidence from either the Defendant or the Prosecution... Then the Judge giving instruction to the Jury was Premature.

Every Statute must be Read in Light of the Constitution! No ones claims or Testimony can be called Frivolous if a Valid Argument can be Made regarding any statute of Law.

No Judge has the right to instruct a Jury "You will find the Law as I give it to You". Period... Let alone immediately after such a profound and willful denial of evidence to Jurors.

This is Absolutely an Absurd, and sick violation of Due Process, perpetrated by those who are supposed to protect and uphold it.

Jurors are the Sole interpreters of the Evidence at hand, and of the LAW as it applies, and also Regardless of what the Judge's stance may be. Jurors can rule against the Judges Own personal verdict... Because Jurors choose the final verdict! And for good Reason!

Do you all understand that there is a very good reason why a Judge alone cannot find you Guilty?

Do you all understand that there is a very good reason why Jurors have the right to hear all Testimony, and view all Evidence From both sides? And, IN LIGHT OF the Statutes and the Constitution?

Give the Brown's a "FAIR" Retrial!

Otherwise, declare a Mis-Trial and Dismiss ALL Charges and Return all Property to the Browns on grounds of the clear and irrefutable Evidence I have outlined above.

Jurors alone decide their verdict, based on ALL Evidence and ALL Testimony... And based on THE LAW... As GOD, THE STATUTES, AND THE CONSTITUTION PROVIDE... (In Writing!)

God Bless You All.

- Sincerely,


12:41 AM  
Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

Well put.

Jury nullification is a little known principle, and alive & well.

1:20 AM  

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