Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ron Paul Speaks at Iowa Forum

July 1, 2007

Rat Says: Early word from the Iowa Presidential Forum is that Ron Paul’s hall was standing room only(capacity 1000… 3:30 into clip 10). While the original forum that had excluded Ron and his supporters, was only able to fill 600 out of 800 seats. Sounds like the main event was a real yawn fest. Let’s see how silent the mainstream media is about this contrast.

From an attendee: Dr. Paul was in the same building as Failor’s event, except in a different room, and let me tell you, whoever said Ron Paul’s support came from a handful of internet geeks who know how to game the polls, is an idiot. This place was PACKED!

Americans young and old and all ages in between came out to hear Dr. Paul speak his message of freedom and liberty and Constitutionalism. I don’t know how many attended Failor’s event, but Dr. Paul’s event, was a big success. Click here for videos of Ron Paul's speech and more.


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