Thursday, July 12, 2007

Alex Jones "Live" With The Browns Now 1:17 pm eastern

Listen "live" at this link.

Editor's recap:
Randy Weaver spoke with Alex Jones and essentially said that they are having beautiful weather and they are expecting a BIG crowd this weekend. Randy confirmed that the Feds are stopping some visitors who are seeking to go to the Brown's home in Plainfield. Randy doesn't believe that there's going to be a problem this weekend and he encourages everyone to attend the concert/party this weekend. Ed came on briefly and said that he's invited the Federal Marshal and local police/sheriff and their families to the concert. Ted Anderson, founder of the GCN Network, came on the line to comment on reports of planes flying "very low" over the Brown's property. The concert is going ON to please go up and be sure to visit/support the Browns!!


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