Thursday, July 12, 2007

Terrorist Plot Foiled!

Dear Subscriber,

I'm happy to report that today, according to information I just
received, a group of malicious, unscrupulous terrorists was soundly
defeated. Though they weren't captured or killed, and may very well
make further attempts to terrorize people in the future, this time
at least their attempts to inflict harm on an innocent person, in
an effort to advance their own political goals, failed.

The terrorists I speak of are the U.S. federal "prosecutors," and
their helpers in the Infernal Racketeering Scheme, who were trying
to put someone in a cage for holding beliefs that those in power
don't like. I just got word that the nonconformist "tax heretic,"
Tom Cryer, was just found NOT GUILTY on all counts. I know almost
nothing else about the case, so don't bother asking me. As I get
more information, I'll let you know.


Larken Rose


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