Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Is It God Bless America or God Save The Queen?

State Visit to the USA By the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh
British Embassy, Washington D.C., 4/24/2007

As previously announced, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will visit the United States from May 3-8, 2007. The Queen and Duke will visit Virginia (Richmond, Williamsburg and Jamestown) on May 3-4 to mark the 400th Anniversary of the Jamestown settlement. Separately in Virginia, the Duke will visit Norfolk. On May 5, Her Majesty and His Royal Highness will visit Kentucky to attend the Kentucky Derby. Finally, the royal couple will visit Washington, DC, on May 7-8 where they will be hosted by the President and Mrs. Bush including a State dinner at the White House.

A principal theme of the visit will be to emphasize the historic links and bonds of friendship between the United Kingdom and United States; a shared history and heritage but also a shared future in the fields of science, innovation and education. A common thread will be the exploration of new frontiers, discovery and the desire to push back the boundaries of our worlds and knowledge which is an enduring spirit from the settlers of 1607 to the astronauts and doctors of the 21st Century. The visit will also commemorate the two nations shared struggle and sacrifice.

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Perhaps Andrew was right:

Jerome and many others may be right, too:

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We will be talking about this on todays show with Ed and Elaine Brown over on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Note the date of this official news release by the British Embassy: 4/24/07. Note also that the word "Britain" appears above/over "USA" and there is NO flag of the "USA" in their logo.


Blogger bulletinman said...

There is nothing new under the sun. We have never been free from GB..
Why do the lawyers hold the title of esquire?

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