Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fox News Rigs Entire Debate To Savagely Attack Ron Paul

Texas Congressman targeted by Giuliani, Hannity & Colmes as pre-screened audience applause torture and warmongering, Fox limits post-election polls to three hours and no Internet voting yet Paul still successful

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In a sickening display of cronyism and as a consequence of the sheer terror elicited amongst the establishment after his previous success, Fox News rigged last night's entire presidential debate in a crass effort to smear Ron Paul - yet the Texas Congressman still beat Rudy Giuliani in Fox's own poll.

If you thought the MSNBC debate was somewhat unfair towards Ron Paul, then this was an absolute debacle. Click here for more.


Blogger TrueLogic said...

FOX NEWS is nothing more than a bunch of Pansies who don't know the meaning of "fair and balanced" Reporting.

They are Un-American, un-Patriotic, conciousless, immoral fools who do nothing to gain the Trust of the American People.

In Fact... Americans are losing faith in them more and more as the days pass.

Here is a link, with all the e-mail addresses of FOX NEWS and their staff.

Please feel free to go there, scroll down, and email as many of them as You like.

Considering Their own atrocities and Lies against the American People... Be sure to fully speak Your Mind, and leave nothing unsaid.

Let Em' Have it Right where They Deserve it! IN THEIR FACES!,2933,77538,00.html

If the link fails, or they suddenly remove it... Here is the list, and their Number to call.



America's Newsroom —

The Beltway Boys —

The Big Story w/ John Gibson —

The Big Story Weekend —

The Big Story Primetime —

Bulls & Bears —

Cashin' In —

Cavuto on Business —

FNC iMag —

Forbes on FOX —

FOX & Friends —

FOX Fan Central —

FOX News Live —

FOX News Live w/ Jamie Colby —

FOX News Live Weekend —

FOX News Specials —

FOX News Sunday —

FOX News Watch —

FOX Report w/ Shepard Smith —

FOX Report Weekend —

Geraldo at Large —

Hannity & Colmes — OR

Heartland w/ John Kasich —

The Journal Editorial Report —

The Lineup —

The Live Desk w/ Martha MacCallum —

On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren —

The O'Reilly Factor —

Red Eye —

Special Report w/ Brit Hume —

Studio B w/ Shepard Smith —

War Stories w/ Oliver North —

Your World w/ Neil Cavuto —


Because You Asked (Bill Hemmer) —

Colonels' Corner (Lt. Col. Oliver North and Col. David Hunt) —

Dollars and Sense —

Father Jonathan Morris —

HealthBeat (Dr. Manny Alverez) —

Lis on Law (Lis Wiehl) —

Sunday Housecall (Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld) —

The Keenan Perspective (Terry Keenan) —

Thanks for your time...

- Logic

4:16 PM  
Blogger bulletinman said...

Do you think that Dr. Paul even has a chance, sure he may be the most popular but you are not going to vote these bastards out of office. There is only one way and that is brute force. Wake up we can blog all the day long and e-mail the whole world but in the end they ain't going to leave until they have to leave...

4:52 PM  

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