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Larken Rose To Debate Jonathan Siegel Professor of Law

Dear Subscriber,

As many of you know, getting anyone from the "other side" to rationally discuss the 861 evidence has been like pulling teeth. (They tend to fling out a few assertions, a barrage of insults and threats, and then refuse discussion.) Well, one of those rare opportunities will occur this coming Saturday, when I will be debating Jonathan Siegel, law professor at George Washington University, regarding the 861 evidence.

Here is the web site:

Tune in, and I think you'll see why the other side doesn't usually
invite discussion on the topic.


Larken Rose


Blogger TrueLogic said...

where will we be able to see this?

1:53 PM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

This blog should be getting 300,000 hits a day! At least. I look at the all time views of Larkin's video, AFTF and other Videos Online... And wonder why more People haven't viewed them, even on GOOGLE.

A million... 2 million... Even 5 or 10 million Viewers would be acceptable, or at least reasonable considering the vast number of Internet users in the Country today.

I can only Hope these numbers multiply Rapidly. It is Imperative that American Citizens of all Race, and all Occupations, to include and especially Law Enforcement/Military understand the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Any Smart Man or Woman would understand that People like Joe Banister, Larkin Rose, Devvy Kidd, Aaron Russo, Sherry Peel Jackson, Bill Benson, Irwin Schiff, Jack McLamb, Marcella Brooks, JFK, Alex Jones, Charlie Sheen, Steven E Jones and others like Them...

...Are telling us the TRUTH.

These people need to get together and make a new video. The Mother of all Documentaries Regarding the Constitution.

The Scholars... The Law Professors, The Accountants, The IRS Agents, The Judges, The Lawyers, The Retired Military, The FBI, The CIA, The BATF, The Secret Service, The Congress (Senate/House), And We The People... There are True Patriots in every Category.

Surely there are 2-3 people from each of the above mentioned Categories who could Collaborate on an Effort to Re-establish Constitutional Law in this Great Nation with the People I mentioned ABOVE THEM. (emphasis on ABOVE THEM)

We The People Number far more.

Lets face it. People in our Government are used to Communicating Clandestinely with others... So of coarse they could Blow a Whistle or Two without much fear of repercussion... But Most don't. Only Few do.

Joe Banister, Larkin Rose, Aaron Russo, Sherry Peel Jackson, Bill Benson, Irwin Schiff, Jack McLamb, Marcella Brooks, JFK, Alex Jones, Charlie Sheen, Steven E Jones Ed and Elaine Brown... And others like Them, (TRUE PATRIOTS)... Need to get together and Collaborate.

They are now... And they Will Continue. We will all continue to fight for our Rights and Educate Others.

What I would like to see though, is more exposure for the efforts of these Men and Women. More Cameras on them. More interviews with them. If You Can... Invite these People into your Homes and Interview them Yourselves... Just make sure you invite Lots of People!

Media take Notice... You look as bad as the Bush Administration ACTS. You Cover the TRUTH when Your Job and Duty is to Expose it. Free Press is all but Extinct.

A TRUE PATRIOT Today... IS a Terrorist! According to our own Government! Alex Jones, Aaron Russo... They aren't about Conspiracy. They're about TRUTH.

The Government is trying to Suppress the Constitution and We The People. They are doing so by Labeling Citizens, and their petitions for redress, and anyone who cites the Constitution a Terrorist.

They are Preparing for, and calling a Constitutional Uprising of THE PEOPLE... Terrorism before the fact! They have the Jails, They have the Weapons... They have all but the ORDERS.

My Question to you all is this...

When your Children have Micro-Chip Implants... When there is put into place a National I.D. System, When You or your kids find Yourselves facing an INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT instead of a Jury...

Who's Side will YOU be on?

When the TRUE PATRIOTS do Rise Up... And the Government Starts Killing American Citizens in the Name of THE WAR ON TERROR...

Who's Side will YOU be on?

When you are Detained in a Prison Camp Designed for Slave Labor right here in the United States...

Who's Side will YOU be on?

And when your skin is Rapidly Heated by Microwave beam Weapons designed for Crowd Control and Death... All because You and 400 like You wanted to Petition...

Who's Side will YOU be on?

As always... Thank you for your Time.

- Logic

1:11 AM  
Blogger Scott C. Haley said...

I went to the "...soapbox..." site and clicked on their "radio" icon/button, but the tax debate is not what was presented. How do we hear the debate if we don't have an ipod, or access to a "podcast"?

Scott H.

2:47 AM  

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