Friday, March 30, 2007

What will you do if the Feds raid Ed Brown?

As many of you may be aware, Washington is thought to be under some pressure to have tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown in the courthouse for their sentencing April 24. The Plainfield, New Hampshire couple have been holed up in their house since their convicition on tax charges in Januray. Ed is carrying a .45 and has promised to fire upon any government agent attempting to arrest him or his wife. Ed's not perfect, but at least he's taking a stand and hasn't harmed anyone.

I'm told it will be an a very unusual ocurrance if they are sentenced in absentia. On the other hand, authorities have repeatedly stated they will not initiate an armed confrontation.

In any case we should be especially ready for the possibility of a raid sometime in the next few weeks, and we should each be considering what we are going to do if it ocurrs. I tend to think that the best things to do are those which we do on our own iniatiative, and which are telegraphed to the authorities in advance. However if you are just hunting around for ideas, or you don't have all the information you need to carry out some type of response...This post should assist you even if you're outside New Hampshire.

Read more from David Ridley here.


Blogger bulletinman said...

Pray that those who are with the government will get saved, because their days will certainly be numbered!

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