Friday, March 30, 2007

The Judge Wapner Solution

By Bill Price

Remember Judge Wapner? He would begin each case with “I’ve read your complaint, and I know you have been sworn.” Wapner knew that a valid complaint will: 1) sufficiently create a controversy through the pleadings of (a dispute over “damages” or allegations concerning a broken law) and 2) will be attested to by a witness (someone with firsthand knowledge). If either of these two things were missing, jurisdiction was not conferred. Wapner wouldn’t deviate. Judge Wapner reminded everyone before he heard a case that the paramount issue of jurisdiction had been satisfied and he could now proceed. He knew when jurisdiction was conferred. When a judge does not follow this model, he’s only impersonating a judge. It takes a controversy (damage or broken law) and a witness (someone with firsthand knowledge) before any judge can act.

Well, that’s the solution to alleviating our court’s clogged dockets. Apply Judge Wapner’s precedence law model for conferring jurisdiction and “poof!”, thousands of backlogged cases brought into these U.S. District courts by the Department of “Justice”, will instantly vanish, like Ed and Elaine Brown’s, Chuck Conces’s, etc….

“… As we have said of other unsworn statements which were not part of the record and therefore could not have been considered by the trial court: "Manifestly, [such statements] cannot be properly considered by us in the disposition of [a] case." Adickes v. Kress & Co., 398 U.S. 144, 157 -158, n. 16

"Jurisdiction means the power of a court to hear and determine a cause, which power is conferred by a constitution or a statute, or both." Penn v. Com. 528 S.E.2d 179, 32 Va.App. 422 (2000)

Judge Wapner was a Patriot. The above precedence law was faithfully carried out by the good Judge. At the end of the oath for Judges it states:
“I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all duties incumbent on me as ____ under the Constitution and the laws of the United States. So help me God.” If someone could show me a clone of Judge Wapner I will immediately reconsider my position on that issue.

“The judicial power in the United States shall be vested in one supreme Court and in such inferior Courts as the Congress shall from time to time establish and ordain…The Judges, both of the Supreme and inferior courts shall hold their offices during good behavior...” U.S. Constitution Article III § 1

The Nut in a Nutshell

We know that a judge cannot be on good behavior if he ignores precedence law (Supreme Court Rulings) or proceeds without jurisdiction. Remember Judge Wapner’s model. It doesn’t matter how big a judge’s gavel is, or type of flag in the courtroom (although today in American courtrooms a flag featuring a big kangaroo should appropriately replace the stars and strips). The following is a typical sequence in the post Wapner era and illustrated by Judge Quist. Quist presumably reads and accepts a complaint from the DOJ titled United States v Charles Conces, without verifying first if DOJ attorney Michael Raum has statutory authority to commence a civil action against the Defendant, Conces, under (IRC 7401). Then the kangaroo complaint filed by the DOJ provides no sworn statements, not a problem for Judge “Q”. All of Raum’s averments are unsworn, as Raum has no firsthand knowledge to support his allegations. Raum presents no witnesses with his/government’s pleadings. So he lies. Judge “Q” knows of the fraud and winks at the DOJ. To date, the United States has produced no witnesses against Conces and is torturing him with prison food until he manufactures a “witness list” against himself. It sounds like Guantanamo Bay to me.

Fifteen Minutes with Chuck Conces, Monday, March 26, 2:24 pm

This call is being monitored, said the recording. You have 15 minutes if you choose to accept the charges. To accept, say yes or press one. Yes, I accept the charges. Hello, Chuck? How are ya, Bill? Good, how about you? I doing fine, the food isn’t though, ha, ha. How’s work, Bill? Picking up a bit, I need to put more time in, but that’s another problem. Let’s get to it…we only have 14 minutes left. Mary has made six copies of my appeal and is mailing the original to Cincinnati. I believe she is on her way to the court right now to pay the appeal fee. Twenty two pages, handwritten. No kidding? Yeah, no kidding! I want you to thank those guys for preparing and sending that Writ of Habeas Corpus to me. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to cite many of those Court Rulings. It was a real lifesaver. I’ll pass that on Chuck. I’m appealing on six issues. First issue is the Supreme Court cases that have been violated by the DOJ and Judge Quist. You have one minute remaining. I spent the majority of the time listening to Chuck talk about his appeal. You have 30 seconds… Well, we’re going to have to end it, so give my best to everyone. I’ll talk to you latter Chuck.

Chuck needs to temporarily suspend his appeal and sign the Writ of Habeas Corpus, effectively taking away the court’s objections to the writ. So, in your letters, give the Lawman some advice, get back to the writ of Habeas Corpus, Lawman, and fillabuster Judge “Q” and or the substitute magistrate at your hearing.

Bill Price


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