Sunday, March 04, 2007

That system failed me’

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Larry Nevers said he feels like an outsider in the city where he grew up and worked as a police officer for nearly 25 years.

“I have never been in the new Tigers stadium. I have never been in the new Lions stadium,” Nevers said. “I rarely go down there anymore.”

Nevers was one of the Detroit police officers involved in the 1992 death of Malice Green. Along with his partner Walter Budzyn, Nevers was tried and convicted of second-degree murder. The trial garnered national attention, and sparked several legal controversies over witnesses’ testimony, the judge’s refusal to change venue and videos shown to the jurors.

Nearly 15 years after the incident, Nevers has published a book titled “Good Cops, Bad Verdict.” He appeared at Club Monte Carlo in Shelby Township for a meeting of the Shelby-Utica Kiwanis Club on Feb. 22 to talk about the book and answer questions from attendees.

Nevers served for nearly a quarter century with the Detroit Police Department, was responsible for 10,000 arrests and was the recipient of an award from the Police Chiefs of Michigan. He said he enjoyed his job because he believed he was making a difference; his experience in court, however, tarnished that beliefs.

“Everyone believes that we have this constitutional right to a fair trial,” he said. “Depending on the case, however, all you get is the chance to have a fair trial. I believed in our system. I supported the system for nearly 25 years. And that system failed me.”

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