Saturday, March 17, 2007

James Kotecki


Blogger Anonymous said...

Seems everyone here has something to say except Ed. What's up Ed.
The whole purpose here seems to be egging on the authorities to come get in a gun fight with you. Do You support yourself. Why support someone who has no interest in their own Blog. Maybe he doesn't know about it. Has anyone invited Ed to post or comment. I only see a few people posting here. Hundreds of views but nobody cares to comment. If you come to view, you should post. The moderator here should re enable the Anonymous feature again so more people will post. How stupid anyways. I can see if people were using profanity or being rude, but who cares what the hell their name is. That's the whole purpose of the web and internet. Maybe the old farts out here don't get it yet. If we have to give our names and say only nice things we would rather just go to disney land.
No Name Blogger

9:42 PM  

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