Saturday, March 17, 2007

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TrueLogic said...

I am so tired of hearing "Ron Paul pays Taxes" "So n So pays Taxes" or "Ed Brown and so n so DON'T pay their Taxes".

The Simple TRUTH is...

Until EVERYONE KNOWS FOR SURE Who is, or is not LEGALLY LIABLE to pay INCOME TAX... It is totally irrelevant, and Frivolous of US, to believe that We ARE, or We are NOT.

If You Believe that you SHOULD pay Income Tax... Then Fine. Pay it. I'm sure no one will complain. (Until they want you to pay MORE.)

If you BELIEVE, that you are in Fact, NOT LIABLE for Income Tax... And Written Law itself does not show YOU, to be Liable for it... Then you SHOULD NOT pay it.

Since 90 or more percent of the CITIZENS, DONT EVEN KNOW THE LAW EXEMPTS THEM, and they WILLINGLY continue to pay it... This should be good enough for the IRS, the Treasury, and their Bulldogs.

Think of all the Money they're still Making. (Unlawfully)... To fund Wars, and yet further our National Debt, and Continue to break us down, year by grueling year.

They are so selfish, and so corrupt... And so Arrogant... That they instead twist the LAW, Abuse the LAW, Mock the LAW, infringe upon and BREAK the LAW, UnJustly and Brutally Enforce the LAW, totally and Knowingly DENY the LAW, call the LAW "frivolous" names, give the LAW Deceiving names, and overall, give the LAW a BAD name.

And they do it in our Faces! And the Jury's!

Then they Convict the Innocent CITIZEN and Levy against (steal from) them upon NONEXISTANT WHIMSICAL GHOST LAWS... The list of Crimes they commit is as long as that of some of the worst FELONS you could imagine.

I feel desperation for those who cannot see this happening... Pity for those who unwittingly agree with it... And Spite for those who aid in Corruption and Terrorism against the AMERICAN CITIZEN.

These are the very people who write LAWS to protect Themselves against charges of TREASON!!! The very People who now write, and change the LAWS whenever, and however They desire.

If The Law... says that YOU... Are NOT... Liable for INCOME TAX... Then DON'T pay it!

Consider the INCOME TAX You pay as "SWEAT MONEY", soon to become "BLOOD MONEY".

Now... ...Go find out if YOU... Are Liable.

Watch Google videos below for more....

Theft By Deception - Deciphering The Federal Income Tax

Bush Link to Kennedy Assassination Alex Jones 911 Conspiracy


Blogger KOSMIC said...

Here is one of the many interesting charts:
for 2005
According to the Joint Tax Committee
71% of revenue is the individual. 8.6% was business AND FARM, what a joke. SS, Pensions and IRA 9.3 % Double joke, 6.9 % Capital gains,
2% Dividends 2% interest. That's the momentum we have to over come.
Within the next 10 years 95% of the revenue will come from Labor and Salaries unless we put an end to it now. The wheel is rolling faster every year. When is enough, Enought.

12:30 AM  
Blogger Thurston said...

Nice point Kosmic.

The fact is that most of that is probably stolen by unconstitutional application of what would oterhwise be constitutional law.

Teh message these comments are all about is in repose to who pays what without regard fro the fact that in the Economy case in 1972 it was recognized that there are taxpayers and nontaxpayers in America.


Well, if the Lower COurts ignore the U.S. Supreme Court why should they fear the facts of the determination in the Economy case?

This means that Joey and his ilk have a large stone to roll up the hill in their infantile world of absolutes, and in the face of the reality of the lawlessness of our legal system which has no regard for regulation, statute, constitution, Right, or precedent.

There is nothing here but Raw uncontrolled Force which will eventually consume ALL.

1:57 AM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

Recently in NH Police have been checking peoples Car Doors at night to see if they are locked... If thet're not locked, Police are putting WARNING letters IN PEOPLES VEHICLES!

Unreal. It Amounts to Illegal search and Seizure.

Thanks for the Posts.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Bored to be Wild said...

As of Thursday, March 15th, the frivolous filing penalty increased from $500 to $5,000. That's some serious dough.

2:47 PM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

Now they are leaving the Warnings on the outside of the Vehicle, because People have complained.

I think the concept of warning Citizens about the possibility of Auto break-ins is great. But send them a message in the mail for Pete sake.

Thanks for the WARNING from all of Rochester's Finest... But presentation is key.

If People have anything illegal in their Vehicle, Shame on them... But at the same time... There is nothing Protecting the Officer or the Dept. from being Falsely accused of Stealing Property.

8:47 PM  

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