Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rose Lear Writes A Letter To Congress

From: Rose Lear
Date: March 3, 2007 9:08:24 AM GMT-05:00
To: Doug Bennett, Gerald VanWoerkom
Subject: Protest of national identification card

Dear Representative Bennett & Senator VanWoerkom,

This is what the State of New Hampshire organized last year. Unlike Michigan, the citizens of New Hampshire live in the heart of the history of the Revolution, and the men and women that fought for the God given freedoms that our Constitution promised to protect. The Inalienable or Natural Rights of Life (from conception), Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness eg. FREEDOM of RELIGION, SPEECH, LEARNING, TRAVEL, SELF-DEFENSE, ect. Take a good look at these Inalienable Rights Gentleman, and tell me which ones aren't being abused by the State Government as well as the Federal Government by licensing and regulation.

Unfortunately, our schools no longer teach the children in Michigan the importance of these RIGHTS, and the need to protect them. This I realized just recently when a young lady who was waiting on my husband and I at a local restaurant, told us she was almost finished with college, and working in Criminal Justice as a social worker with the courts. I asked her how much of her studies were on Constitutional Law? This young lady looked at me and asked; "What's that?" I looked her right in the eye and said, "You do know that there is a Michigan Constitution as well as a National Constitution don't you?" Sadly her answer was, "Oh, that!"

I believe it is time for YOU Mr. Bennett and YOU Mr. VanWoerkom, to take a long hard look at how far you are willing to go before YOU say enough is enough in the Great state of Michigan.

Rose Lear
Muskegon, MI

Here is a video of our Anti REAL ID rally, Spring 2006:

Rose also sent the good congressmen a copy of the following article for their reading pleasure....

They really don't like Real ID Protest of national identification card draws mock Nazis, Constitutionalists

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