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"America In Danger" Featured AFTF On Public TV In Rockymount North Carolina

The full movie aired last Sunday, February 26th, according to "Steve" our AFTF NC State Coordinator:



Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

From: "News Report From Bob Schulz" thread

KOSMIC said...
"regarding CTC

"I have seen this and tried it. I agree its better to be honest open and correcting w2 that are wrong, but CTC also tells you to file as Nonresident alien. That is wrong. Do not file any return just the 4852 and leave it at that. You only need to disclose your earnings, that they are not taxable. But it is wrong to file any forms. W4, 1040 or 1040NR. Read the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT in light of Cryer's motion to dismiss."
1. What does "CTC" mean? Where can "the class action law suit" be found, and what is its subject matter?

2. Kosmic, some of your posts on this thread are verbatim extracts from Tommy Cryer's Memorandum in Support of 4th Motion to Dismiss. It would be more honest (and not plagiarism) to provide accreditation when posting things which aren't your own original words. It's misleading to post the work of others so that it appears as your own. Cryer has done a magnificent job. Give him credit. When you enter a post without attributing it to its author, then you are taking credit for it because it appears you are the writer. I'm confident you had no intention of leaving that false impression but, unless readers have read the source from whence it came and recognize it, then they mistakenly assume you are the writer.

12:02 AM  
Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

Doug Kenline posted, on another thread:

Fred Marshall,

I'd like to get you on for an audioblog....send me an email and let me know.......
Email to Doug:

Just found the above post. Thanks for the courtesy invitation, Doug, but my voice doesn't do well on tape or broadcast. I'm an old southern boy from Georgia, and my drawl isn't easy to understand. I'd hate to be the cause of people throwing rocks at you.


12:05 AM  
Blogger KOSMIC said...

When I post I make it clear where the material comes from. I do not suggest these ideas are mine alone. My feeling is that I want to be honest with the government and I am doing my part. But to play games, file paper without proven method and using what some communist call tax shelters or protester arguments, is just asking for trouble. At first I though joining We The People class action at and telling the IRS I would not pay along with a zero return was good enough. It is NOT. My goal is to stay away from the statutes that have Prison time attached, as long as I can and still make my beliefs known to the IRS and not be paying what I do not owe. Also, any time you file paper with the government you should know you are expected to be fully aware of all details in regards to it. Something fery few of us can. Again, I will try harder to put the source of any cut and paste, but then there is very little in this world that is truly original. What's old is new, What's new is old. Around and around we go.

12:28 AM  
Blogger KOSMIC said...

For anyone who wishes to further argue the details you can email me at, search for me on yahoo groups or check out my blog at

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Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

KOSMIC said...
When I post I make it clear where the material comes from.

Yes, I can see. Below is just one of several examples of that clarity:

KOSMIC said...(beginning of post)


There can be no doubt, the income tax is an indirect tax, not a property tax that is
immune from direct tax apportionment, and there can be no doubt that the Sixteenth
Amendment did not in any way, shape or form enlarge or enhance the taxation power of
Congress. Brushaber, Stanton, Peck and Eisner, supra. It is, therefore, subject to the same
limitations on taxing authority that are established hereinabove, and that is that it cannot
tax person or property without apportionment (Article I, § 9, cl. 4), nor any activity that is
without either the scope of federal legislative authority (McCulloch and Farrington,
supra), outside the scope of excise (Flint, supra) or monies owed to nonresident aliens and
foreign corporations (Railroad Co. and Erie R.R., supra). Nor does the power to tax by
excise permit the federal government to tax activities that are solely within the realm of the
State jurisdiction (Bailey and Hill, supra).

8:41 AM (end of post)
Such CLARITY! How can anyone miss the credit to Tommy Cryer, author of the above?

1:21 AM  
Blogger KOSMIC said...

From: "News Report From Bob Schulz" thread.

Thats the post. Sorry you forget where you came in. Also see other post back a ways where I answer your concern the first time. I enjoyed the motion to dismiss by cryer post on the we the people web site. Don't you have anything better to do. You don't want me to start picking your posts apart.

1:31 AM  
Blogger TrueLogic said...

I agree with Fred here... I myself have been guilty once or twice of not giving such credit... But not intentionally. and It is good Blog etiquit to do so... I have Given Credit where Credit is due on Several other of My Posts... But in all... Fred is absolutely right.

To Respect Someone for their work, or to Admire it... is to give them Credit for it. (I don't know if anyone else ever said that... But I just did.)

1:33 AM  
Blogger KOSMIC said...

KOSMIC said...

"News Report From Bob Schulz"

Again, As you can see from the heading this is the door I came through and the reason for the posts. If you follow through and read Cryer's motion to dismiss you will know were I got the post I left. Maybe Fred is one of those who thinks everyone should add ALL RIGHTS RESERVED at the end of everything. But since I use a made up name as most others do who the hell cares anyways. I post what I want and where. You don't like it then maybe it is a reflection of yourself more than an opinion of me. I gave no indication that I wrote it, I just forgot to add the link to Schulz's and MINE web site.

1:43 AM  
Blogger whynot said...

TO:....."but CTC also tells you to file as Nonresident alien"
--HE SAYS---- "By The Way...
Do you imagine that you know what 'Cracking the Code-...' says without having read the book?
-------------You're wrong"
"What does "CTC" mean?
-Ctc {cracking the code]

Where can "the class action law suit" be found,
the entire law suit is there
and what is its subject matter?"
the answer. after you thoroughly read and understand the process. It all makes sense.And it's scary that its that simple.

7:42 AM  
Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

KOSMIC said...

"News Report From Bob Schulz"

Again, As you can see from the heading this is the door I came through and the reason for the posts. If you follow through and read Cryer's motion to dismiss you will know were I got the post I left.

KOSMIC misses the point. Quest for Fair Trial in Concord New Hampshire is the "door I came through," but I can't take information that exists in obscure places somewhere within the blog and re-post them under my screen name and expect that every reader will know that something presented under my name is really from someone else.

If one goes to "News Report from Bob Schilz" and clicks on "read more," one will be taken to We The People website where, if one searches long enough, one will find a clickable link to Cryer's Memorandum in Support of 4th Motion to Dismiss. If one then reads that 84-page document, one can find deep within the text of that, exactly the verbiage posted HERE (a different website, under a sub-heading yet) and, even though readers assume that comments posted here are written by the person under whose name the post appears, KOSMIC reasons that because he "came through the "Schulz door" then readers will automatically know precisely where the posted text came from and who wrote it.

That's akin to this hypothetical:

"Kosmic's got a bomb and plans to detonate it."

"Gadzooks! Where is Kosmic, we'll send a swat team to get him before he kills somebody?"

"He's in Miami."

"Where in Miami?"

"At the Super Bowl; what do you want me to do, give you his section and seat number? Isn't it enough that I told you Miami? What kind of fool are you, anyway?"

That said, when a post is made, readers assume that every word is written by the poster unless otherwise specified. Period.

Cryer is the brilliant one who prepared and filed the Memorandum. But in Kosmic's post, it appears that Kosmic is sharing some of his wisdom and research with us. The legal word for that is PLAGIARISM. I'd bet 99% of the readers here AGREE.

10:44 AM  
Blogger KOSMIC said...

Cryer is the brilliant one who prepared and filed the Memorandum. But in Kosmic's post, it appears that Kosmic is sharing some of his wisdom and research with us. The legal word for that is PLAGIARISM. I'd bet 99% of the readers here AGREE.

OK Fred you done being stupid now. Quit putting your ward in my mouth. You can't accept my apology for forgetting a link then you are an ass. Grow up. And I have read CTC and I bought 20 and gave them away. What have you done to help the cause. I have done more than you ever will just sitting on your ass at the computer. Get up and move around once and a while. It's critics like you that give us all a bad name, run your mouth some more.

11:51 AM  
Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

Humor me.

I've been studying the subject of the legality/illegality of income taxes for about 12 years now, and have learned a great deal of good information.

It is not possible, in my view, to discredit the conclusions wo which the evidence presented by Larken Rose, Irwin Schiff, and Tommy Cryer lead. But the evidence is comprehensive and requires a thorough and in-depth examination before the logical conclusion can be reached and, even then, the conclusion is neither indelibly clear nor conspicuous nor self-evident. If presented to a jury, the evidence would do little more than confuse 99% of them, and the conclusions they would reach would be more influenced by their "everybody knows" conventional wisdom than the facts presented to them.

Here is an explanation I have used in private conversations but have never seen presented, and is one I believe juries would understand:

1. Claims that there is no law have been made as far back as the early 1960's at least, perhaps even earlier. Those who made the claim were labeled as "kooks" and "conspiracy theorists."

2. Yet the clamis persisted, and re-surfaced year in and year out, albeit from a small number of people who had labored through the endless turning of pages at law libraries.

3. Many such people challenged the IRS with their research and the IRS's response was not to show them the law but, instead, to put them in jail to silence them. The victims of that tactic went to jail without having seen a law.

4. Then people began formally writing the Secretary of the Treasury, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service, the Attorney General, 535 members of Congress, the administrators of the Federal Register, Law Professors, and legal scholars everywhere. Though a few members of Congress, and the keepers of the Federal Register, HAVE responded in earlier years by stating in writing that no entry in the FR has ever identified a specific law requiring the filing of tax returns, no such admission has ever been made by the IRS, Treasury, or DOJ, and there has been no such response by ANYONE in government in recent years.

5. Meanwhile, the IRS and DOJ has continuted to discredit and put in jail the people who spoke out and insisted "there is no law."

6. There can be no question that the senior key people in all these government agencies hav long known of the apparent "controversy," they have chosen to remain silent on the subject, speaking out only sufficiently to acknowledge that it is "confusing," but insisting that the claim, and the alleged evidence upon which it was founded, is ridiculous, frivolous, anti-American, and is only proffered by dishonest people who don't want to pay their "fair share."

7. Since the Internet has made researching the law easy, and has made the results achieved more reliable than ever before, the number of people insisting there is no law has grown from a few to a few hundred thousand.

8. After being painfully aware of the "confusion" and "controversy for several decades, a prudent person would expect that the Congress would simply pass legislation that would clarify the issue and make the requirement (that most Americans are liable to pay income taxes and file returns) clear and unambiguous, and put the "confusion" to rest, once and for all. They certainly would do that if there were any question as to the legality or illegality of murder or armed robbery or rape.

9. But they haven't. The Congress has been tight-lipped and has said nothing. The DOJ and IRS have said, when accused of not answering the people's questions, "We ARE answering the questions. We're answering them with prosections."

10. Half a century. 50 years. In all that time, consider how much money the federal government has spent on investigations, raids of people's homes and offices, prosecutions, costs of trials, incarcerations, paying welfare to the families of heads of households who could not support them from prison, feeding and clothing and providing health care for those who they have incarcerated, and on and on the list goes, to say nothing of the untold numbers of people who have committed suicide because of IRS harrassment, threats, and persecutions. That has been a very expensive solution to a problem they could have easily solved 40 years ago by simply passing into law an amendment that would need be no more than two or three paragraphs printed on a piece of paper. There are many taxes requied by the tax code that are unequivocal and are plainly stated for any reader to understand, but not the individual income tax. It remains a mystery to most to this day.

11. That brings to the question "WHY?" Why has Congress not amended the tax code to eliminate the "confusion" and the attendant "controversy?"

12. Permit me to suggest an answer: "Because to pass such an amendment, clearly imposing a tax upon the wages and salaries, upon the labor and private property of U.S. Citizens, would violate the CONSTITUTION, and they aren't about to do that. It's much more profitable to just keep on extorting a TRILLION DOLLARS each year from a gullible public, by using brute POWER and the force of arms to intimidate and terrorize the general population, and drive ever-increasing numbers of them to suicide.

In closing, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, today YOU are the LAW. Today you can begin to turn the tide that will eliminate the illegal and unconstitutional taxes you and most Americans have been intimidated into paying since your first job at McDonald's, or wherever you began. As a jury, you have more power today than the Supreme Court of the United States, more power than all the federal prosecutors and federal judges combined. Today you can return a verdict of NOT GUILTY that no power on earth can overturn, a verdict that you need never explain or justify to ANYONE, inside or outside of government, and a verdict that no one and no government agency can ever retaliate against you for reaching.

Today you can do your civic duty to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and you can join for posterity those 56 brave men who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. As Jesus Christ has said "I go to prepare a place for you," so too can you tell your children and grandchildren "I have helped to prepare a better place for you and your children." You can display and preserve your sacred honor TODAY for the whole world to see! You can do more today than all the juries which have gone before you in the past 50 years. And you can forever hold your heads high, for you will truly be heroes.

Thank you.

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