Friday, March 09, 2007

4 Books Ed Recommends for deeper insight into law.

Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition
1611 King James Bible
1828 Webster’s Dictionary
Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance w/ Greek & Hebrew dictionaries)

Hat tip Ed Brown Video Blog.

Listen to Ed talk about these books in audioblog report here.


Blogger KOSMIC said...

Recent Quotes of Justice Breyer

How Do you decide, out of 80,000 cases, Which one to hear?

"Is this a question that needs to be answered for the benefit of the entire country." Approximate Quote of Justice Breyer

This is the single reason the supreme court uses to decide whether or not a case should be heard." What does the constitution permit or require."

Our job is to create uniformity where there is a need" Job One."

How do we Decide the 80 cases each year," It's not about rehearing the lower courts to correct mistakes" It is AN unanswered question." Approximate quotes.

Also of interest was a remark about the process of state courts.

"Sometimes the state courts hear federal cases and sometimes the federal courts hear state cases, Thats to confuse you," Justice Breyer Says half jokingly.

*****************************************What the Bleep!*******************************

Careers in Justice on Court TV show with Justice Breyer During March 2007.


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Blogger KOSMIC said...

Another place to leave comments about the corruption here. I have yet to see any of my comments posted.

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