Friday, March 09, 2007

Google Nichecasting Networks

By Jeff Jarvis

Google Nichecasting Networks

Virtual me

We need to get all of the leaders in the tax honesty movement to start doing videoblogs for us on a regular basis. Broadcasting to the niche market of the tax honesty movement and the grassroots governance movement.

If we had any elected officials worth a darn they would be videoblogging for us on a regular basis as well. Imagine Congressmen and State Senators and State Representatives and Sheriffs and all of these so-called elected officials just sitting there and not reporting to their constituents in this day and age. What a crock. - dk



Blogger KOSMIC said...

I know I'm a dreamer. The tax honesty movement has gotten under my skin. Like a lot of people I would like to see things move

forward in a positive way. When Bob Schulz and We The People started the Class Action Lawsuit I was very exited. But that was

years ago and the government still refuses to come to the table.

I would like to ask what it would take to Make use of the situation in NH and push for a conference on the record at Ed and

Elaine's house. What can each of us do to make it happen right now.

I call on all government officials and in their official capacity to agree to meet at Ed Browns house or at another place

where Ed and Elaine and Bob Schulz and his people can meet with officials to try and come to an understanding regarding the

tax on American labor. I have a real hard time believing that if the government really believes in it's position it should be easy to answer our questions. All we are asking for is an open forum. Is there no part of government willing to face the people any more. These are not trick questions. How sad that we have come to this place and time.

Send us your representative, your attorney, your leader and we will agree to pay all the taxes on labor we have been withholding if only you can explain to us why and where we are required under the law. You believe a position that should be
easy for your best men and women to prove to us. I would even be willing to start a fund in order to pay you an hourly rate for your time. What could be more fair than that.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Joey Smith said...


The "leaders of the tax protestor movement" will not even do monthly blogs, much less weekly blogs or daily blogs.

There is no leadership. There are a bunch of people running around with their hands out asking for money, and that's it.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...

Hands out asking for money...

Sounds like the IRS and thew Government rather than these people.

4:19 PM  

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