Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Pastor Garrett Lear: First Minister To Conduct Sunday Services At The Browns

On Ash Wednesday a call went out to Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Lebanon, New Hampshire to humbly request that a Priest or a lay person visit the Browns to administer the ashes.

This was Elaine's first full day back home with Ed after she returned the night before. Both Ed and Elaine were originally raised in the Catholic Church and they both identify themselves as "Christians" so we felt it was appropriate if a representative from the Catholic Church could somehow help out with this request. As the Catholic Encyclopedia online states:

"On this day all the faithful according to ancient custom are exhorted to approach the altar before the beginning of Mass, and there the priest, dipping his thumb into ashes previously blessed, marks the forehead -- or in case of clerics upon the place of the tonsure -- of each the sign of the cross, saying the words: "Remember man that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return."

As it turned out, however, it wasn't until Saturday morning that we received the voicemail message from the nice woman at Sacred Heart Church who originally took our call. To paraphrase, she said that "Father called the authorities and determined that it perhaps wasn't safe for him or a lay person to visit the Brown's to administer the ashes."

That was very nice of Sacred Heart Church to make that effort to call us back, but as Saturday morning continued we couldn't help but think that "a man of the Christian cross" was out there somewhere for us to call. Immediately, the thought of "The Patriot Pastor", Garrett Lear, from The Well of Living Water Christian Fellowship, came to mind. Garrett Lear was on one of our conference calls with Ed Brown early in this saga. He has offered generously of his thoughts, prayers and counsel regarding his extensive knowledge of the Christian heritage of our great country and what he expounds upon so eloquently as "The Biblical View of Government." He lives 3 hours from the Brown's in Wakefield, New Hampshire.

As Garrett states on his website:

We are a born-again, Holy Spirit filled and directed free New Testament Church ministry. We began in Hana, Hawaii in 1980. We have been home based in New Hampshire since 1990.Since that time, we have ministered in all 50 states in every possible place and situation...churches, schools, parks, prisons, radio, television, etc.

We both have miraculous testimonies of being set free of many bondages, religion and hurts... coming to a life changing, life giving relationship with Christ.


I interviewed Garrett on Saturday morning prior to our call to Ed and Elaine Brown on which he agreed to drive to their home the next morning to conduct a full-fledged Sunday service inside the Brown's home. As we later learned in an interview with Ed and Elaine on Monday morning, about 10 individuals where there in attendance for this historic event. We would like to thank Garrett Lear for being such a great example of what it means to follow the truth authority of our one Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ as his ministered to Ed, Elaine and their friends this past Sunday morning.

Here's is my interview with Pastor Lear this past Saturday morning:

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This was our audioblog with Ed and Elaine Brown yesterday morning:

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Please take time to watch this brief video of Garrett Lear.

PS. We called Sacred Heart Church back yesterday and informed them that Ed and Elaine are fine and that the situation is really quite safe and ok and we urged them to pass along to "The Father" that there's always another day to visit The Browns. Thank you Pastor Garrett Lear! Fred Smart - QFFT editor


Blogger WWSC said...

Was a honor to meet Pastor Garrett Lear this last Sunday at the Browns.
He is well educated about the history of America and did a very nice service. Although I am by no means a religious person but rather spiritual, I still enjoyed it.
What a blessings it was!
Thank you Pastor Garrett Lear!

5:38 PM  
Blogger TruePatriot said...

Fantastic! Now we only have to pray for the complicit media to cover the Browns, so that the American people can become privy to what's going on in this country!

6:53 PM  

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