Monday, February 26, 2007

Attorney Challenges Income Tax Law

Constitutional History in the Making

Message From Joe Banister

Dear Friends:

There is an attorney from Shreveport, Louisiana named Tom Cryer who is being prosecuted by the income tax enforcement apparatus. His story and mine have some interesting parallels, among them, (1) that he was mindful of his oath to support and defend the Constitution taken as an army officer and an attorney, (2) that he set out, initially, to disprove claims that the federal income tax was illegally administered and enforced and ended up concluding the claims were true and (3) the IRS has done everything possible to destroy him.

The scorched earth campaign aimed at Tom has left him without the economic means to defend himself and the IRS and the DOJ are undoubtedly licking their chops at the prospect of prosecuting someone who is barely surviving financially, let alone able to pay for a defense team.

I hope you will visit and learn more about Tom’s battle. I hope that you will consider supporting his effort financially but, at a minimum, add your prayers to mine that God will deliver the means to achieve justice in his battle. Keep those prayers coming – Don’t let up! Visit Tom’s website and learn how you can help.


Blogger bulletinman said...

You will never beat them on their own playground. Sure you may win a victory every now and then but the war will never won in their venue.

7:30 PM  
Blogger KOSMIC said...

It's time. The time is now. Enough is enough. Forget the law, the statutes, the constitution. Forget about the conspiricies and corrupt government, the closed courts and forget about asking questions. It's time to make a stand like real Americans. It's time to put an end to the tax on labor. The government has other options and other means for raising revenue. I don't care what it takes, get rid of the federal reserve or keep it for all I care. Keep on collecting corporate taxes and taxes on possession income, but the tax on labor is finished as of today.

I here by declare war on the income taxation of American Labor.

All Americans shall stop paying income tax on their labor.

All Americans are now allowed to take up arms against the invasion
of the IRS where ever they are found inside the several States.

No appearance to any courts within the several States for any law
under title 26, IRC, or other income tax statutes pertaining to labor.

Anyone who pays income tax on labor or forces others to pay will be
considered a communist and an enemy of the people.

John Doe

4:53 AM  

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