Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Google News Article Submission Form

Here's Google News article submission form.

Thanks to Jim in reader comments.

Although we're unable to crawl all the news sources recommended for Google News, we appreciate your recommendation and will review it.

I'm sure their computers just couldn't possibly be able to crawl all of the news sources recommended for Google News. Oh yeah sure.

Got to weed out the riff raff as they say.

But we still rank high in regular old Google search and in Google Blog Search so who cares I guess.

I think running blog ads on other high traffic blogs is the key to building huge traffic. Costs money though. Have to hire an ad man to take care of all of that stuff for us. Any good advertising specialists out there?

And the Digg angle worked out pretty well too. Need to work on getting digged early and often. - dk


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are looking to start advertising I'd suggest using a portal like Ad Bright. They are a huge resourse and you can target ads by topic/website etc.

They have all levels of pricing and you can pay by click, impression etc.

I'd also suggest using google adwords since they also have a wide coverage.

Another very inexpensive and VERY EFFECTIVE traffic generator is the use of press releases. Submit them through a service like PR WEB at

They key is to craft press releases that tie into current news so they'll get picked up and taged to current news/stories.

1:52 AM  

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