Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gene Chapman Writes Letter to President Bush in Support of Ed Brown

I am writing to request that you not shoot too many holes in Ed Brown's home, as you impose upon him the 2nd Plank of your beloved book, "The Communist Manifesto." We want to make a bid on the property after you kill Ed Brown in your attack upon Christianity (see: pp. 242-244, "The Communist Manifesto," Penguin Classics Edition)and Liberty loving peoples.

As Chancellor, I would like to keep the Ed Brown Campus of the American Libertarian University in tact as much as possible so that we may use it for classrooms to teach the Constitution and the moral grounds under Judges 3 in the context of II Timothy 3:16 for the use of deadly force on the issue of slavery.


Gene Chapman, Chancellor
American Libertarian University

Read more at ChapmanForPresident08.com.


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