Saturday, February 24, 2007

Comment on Ed Brown Interview by Sandman

Alex Jones did a great interview with Ed Brown a few weeks ago, it is worth digging it out of the infowars archives. This story sort of smells like Ruby Ridge. I see Ed Brown as a true hero, we need more men like him.

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Blogger MrTideman said...

Correction: There were two motions granted in part that the judge reminded the prosecutor to provide exculpatory evidence by the Brady- Agurs- Giglio act; see Motion #92 of 1/3/07 (+ #93) that were both granted 01/08/07 "to the extent the government is simply reminded of its disclosure obligations under applicable, rules*, and precedent." such as Federal Rule* 16 to the defendant(s) +/or the judge, and by State Rule* 3.8(d) to the defendant(s), which copy of the certification of the non-filing of federal documents to our N.H. Secretary of State, as required by RSA Ch. 123:1 was reprented by me to the prosecutor DURING trial for processing but that was NOT done, and so my official complaint of NO JURISDICTION in writing against them (Tom Colantuono, the U.S. Attorney, and member of the N.H. Bar under the doctrine of Respondent Superior to his Assistant, Bill Morse) to be heard this Friday, March 2nd at the Professional Conduct Committee to result in evidence to use in either a Motion for Mis-Trial or at the sentencing hearing for more Rule 32 evidence of a sentence of no time nor fine. - - Yours truly.

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