Saturday, February 24, 2007 Gets 21,853 Unique Visitors On Thursday! breaks previous record set by* helps to Publicize Ed’s $1,000,000 Offer!

When Ed raised the stakes to find the law by offering up as reward commercial property he owns with an estimated value of 1.2 million dollars. The online community picked up on it very rapidly, a member at initialized the first digg and the story was launched into a hyper-frenzied state of internet popularity! Overnight website traffic went from 469 unique visitors on Wednesday to 21,853 unique visitors on Thursday.

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*May have been a tie. We don't have the exact figure from Looks like a Digg brings in about 20,000 visitors and then they all disappear and go back to watching American Idol. But at least it makes them think for a minute. Good work Casey Lee Cobb and lolipopfailure.

UPDATE: Appears that did break the record. He got over 21,000 while got just under 21,000. Good work guys.


Blogger FredMarshall1937 said...

To all Americans and so-called "tax professionals" -

I've read discussions claiming there is a law requiring most of us to pay an income tax and file a return annually, and have seen lame attempts at trying to construct a legal explanation. Most who have studied the matter insist (rightfully) that THERE IS NO SUCH LAW. For those who don't know for sure, here is one way that even the most indoctrinated IRS or DOJ employee or lawyer will see the light and realize the depth and the deliberateness of the fraud and deception that is the 100% constitutional income tax code and its 100% fraudulent administration. It'll take a little while and require total concentration, but the LEGAL reality of the income tax will be crystal clear when you finish.

Step One - You must clear your mind of all pre-conceived notions and "conventional wisdom" and commit yourself to look at the whole picture to see the reality in its proper context. Accept that, and abandon any idea that there is a single sentence somewhere (as there is in most laws) that makes it clear one way or the other. You have to be suspicious when a law the size of Title 26 starts off with "married persons" instead of "Definition of Income" (found nowhere in the Code).

Step Two - Watch this 88-minute video when your mind is sharp and you can pay total attention throughout. It helps to watch it two or three times. But you can see CLEARLY the magnitude of the deception and know forever that it was no accident. The intent to deceive the American people cannot be ANYBODY.

Theft By Deception - Deciphering The Federal Income Tax - 88-minute Video

Step Three - Watch this 68-minute video. You'll get a little history of the Constitution here and a great condensed review of the above TBD video, plus you'll come to understand that some pretty smart and experienced people have seen the light Larken Rose's research revealed to them. You will also come to understand why the IRS and DOJ absolutely MUST label the 861 "EVIDENCE" as a FRIVOLOUS "ARGUMENT." They simply cannot defeat it with any legitimate legal logic or on any moral grounds. THE LAW SAYS WHAT IT SAYS, one just has to look at it in its totality to understand that. Here it is in two formats, at two separate locations on the Internet.

Larken Rose's "The 861 Evidence" - 68 min.

The 861 Evidence via Broadband - 68 minutes

Step Four - Now watch this one-hour-49-minute documentary movie produced and directed by Aaron Russo. You now have a good background to better understand many things you may not have understood when (if) you watched it previously. You'll get some more history and a great overall view of how the income tax came into existence in the first place, who and what was behind it, who benefits (and who pays dearly) and you'll better understand the "necessity" (for the scoundrels) for the deliberate deception you saw above. You can then understand that the few people behind it had/have the money and power necessary to corrupt the number of people it takes to keep such a massive fraud from the general public. By now you will clearly understand that those who correctly tell you "THERE IS NO LAW" are not a bunch of kooks, but a pretty savvy bunch of honorable people.

America Freedom to Fascism Authorized version - 1 hr. 49-minute Video

Step Five - To this point you have seen, and hopefully digested, the MEAT of the subject, but you have had to rely upon the research of Larken Rose (and others, much of which Larken incorporated into his presentations), so you can STILL believe or not believe whatever you choose. Now it's time to get down to where the rubber meets the road and put the final touches on the's time to put your computer skills to work and let the computer "data-mine" the tax code for you. Once you've done that, there can be no remaining doubt. Actually, it has all been done for you. You can check any part of it you want to, but you can read and look at the charts and the CORRECT picture will come into sharp focus for you. Almost everything leads to 861, and 861 does not show the domestic incomes of most Americans to be taxable.

Tax imposed = [individual + (citizen or resident) + alien] + united states + taxable income
= [who] + where + what
= Sec. 861

Data Mining the Tax Code - Computer-based Tax Research


For We the People - What possible conclusion can you now reach OTHER than that the tax code simply does not apply to most of us. Now, think of how much money has been extorted from you since you held that first job at McDonald's or wherever. If you are 20, then it hasn't been much. But if you are 55, it has been a BUNDLE. How do you feel about that? Irritated? Betrayed? Exploited? Mad? Furious?

For IRS employees and DOJ lawyers - How do you feel now, about the "work" that you do? Does it make you feel big and bad and brave to know that you have been victimizing and defrauding your fellow Americans and they've been paying you to screw them? Do you have enough character to resign, as Joe Banister and Sherry Jackson and John Turner (and others) have? Or will you continue to be a traitor to your country and your fellow Americans and keep on stealing from them and putting innocent people in jail? Now that you know the truth, how do the provisions of Titles 18 and 42 apply to you? How about "misprision of a felony" and conspiracy laws?

For Lawyers and CPA's - How do you feel now that you know you have given out a great deal of erroneous advice and charged fees for misleading people? Do you feel guilty enough to refund the money to any of them? Or to at least start telling them the truth?

Thanks for your time and indulgence. Don't you feel a little better now that you KNOW? As Larken says, "Once you learn something, you cannot UN-learn it." Ignorance was bliss, wasn't it? It was also quite expensive (as ignorance usually is).


4:55 AM  
Blogger KOSMIC said...

If after all that you believe just 5% is truth and you clearly realize all the money stolen from americans paychecks it is then your DUTY as an american to stop paying this income tax on labor. You must do whatever you can to stop it. File exempt, Claim 100% refund, Stop all withholding from you pay. That is the only way to fix this problem. Don't let government tell you we need a flat tax or fair tax or national sales tax. The constitution tells the government how to lay a direct tax and there is a darn good reason it was written that way. It keeps government in check. Since the 3 branches of government are no longer separate but are in fact one now, there is but one non violent option left. Everyone needs to stand together with Ed Brown and stop all withholding from our payroll checks, our wages and our labor. This is about supporting our families and our country. One last note, The government will not fall apart because it has other options for raising revenue without destroying the working poor in this country. Please become informed and help us end this 80 year old proplem once and for all.

6:53 AM  
Blogger CRAIG said...

I would like to have clarity on how exactly the 16th Amendment to the Constitution implies taxes upon every "person" when Article 1 Section 9 Clause 4 clearly states that no direct tax can be imposed without apportionment.

This really troubles me to believe that the 16th Amendment overturned a direct Constitutional limitation upon the Congress. In other words how can Congress pass a law, the 16th Amendment, in direct violation to Congress' limitations imposed by Article 1 Section 9 Clause 4 under capitation and direct taxes?

Did the 16th Amendment overturn the capitation and direct tax limitations imposed by the Constitution? Thank you

8:37 AM  
Blogger Joey Smith said...

Merely pointing out again that the $1,000,000 offer is a total sham because the buildings that Ed and Elaine are putting up are subject to forfeiture and lien procedures anyway.

9:45 AM  
Blogger jean allen said...

And I "merely" point out to Joey that the IRS could provide the law and the Browns would walk away. But, Joey (or, whoever you are) you won't acknowledge the fact that there is no law.

Jean Allen
Tuscaloosa, Al.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Joey Smith said...

Because it is not a fact -- it is a LIE.

10:05 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Good job on getting the Digg record! :)

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, seems like whenever there is a post that mentions the reward for showing the tax law little Joey comes in to try and discredit it claiming there is no money.

Joey - There's a hell of a lot more money available for this challenge that Ed Browns property. How come you always leave that bit of info out of your posts?

We the people foundation has had 50k available for years now. There's also many other individuals who have put up funds for the challenge. Of course you always neglect to mention that.

Joey - For someone who hates the browns, the fair tax movement, this blog, the people posting etc, etc, you sure spend a lot of time here.

I wonder why that is?

Your true colors show blindingly.

As for your constant crap about the 16th amendment... it does not matter if the 16th was ratified or not (not) because its been clearly ruled already that the 16th amendment gives the government NO new taxing powers. What part of NO NEW TAKING POWERS don't you understand?

Here's a question for you Joey:

Why do you hang out on this blog all day long every day?

Why are you afraid to do a radio interview? And yes you are AFRAID to go on the air with your so called facts.

You a pathetic excuse for an American!

2:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Wages" is a word of art, and is defined at 26 USC Section 3401(a). If you are a 26 USC Section 3401(c) "Employee" then you are in receipt of "Wages" - and it is taxable. "Employee" = Government Worker and officer in a (Federal) Corporation. So be careful claiming that "Wages" do not constitute taxable income. The real point is that very few Americans receive "Wages", as defined.

3:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The W-2 submitted by your private sector business organization stating that you are in receipt of "Wages" is in error and must be corrected. You do this by filing IRS Form 4852 along with your 1040 (but NOT any W-2's) and get your money back. Review the work at:

3:35 AM  

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