Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Audio Moblog With Dave Ridley

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Two announcements:

1) Demonstration Scheduled for Thursday February 8 at 3:30 pm at the IRS office in Manchester, NH - 1000 Elm Street. Please call Dave Ridley to confirm your attendance at 603-721-1490.

2) I had a chance to speack with Governor Lynch and asked what he was doing to slow the Feds down i their attempts to hurt Ed Brown. He responded that it wasn't really on his "radar screen" but he definitely acted as if he knew of Ed and his situation.

2) If you want to make signs here are two ideas:

"Taxes support torture: I support Ed Brown"

"Dear Feds: Please don't hurt Ed Brown."

Hopefully we'll still be talking about this 2-3 years from now as an active situation with Ed still safe in his home.

Note: Please sign up to register at NHfree.com - New Hampshire Underground - to share your ideas and energy in support of Ed and Elaine Brown.



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