Tuesday, February 06, 2007

James Davis Covers Ed Brown on MySpace

Ed brown is held up in his PLAINFIELD, New Hampshire home due to an oppressive governemnt trying to force a tax law on him that doesnt even exist. Ed brown has taken a stand against the government which has so long forced it's will on the American people Illegally and against the constitution and our bill of rights.

Did you know that the Income Tax is Illegal? and is not a law? those of you who dont know should check out this movie. here is a link. www.freedomtofascism.com, you can also watch the Movie for free on Google video.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Border Patrol agent beaten up in prison
Ramos' family confirms: 'They kicked me
in the head, they kicked me all over the body'




3:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed Brown says that Aaron Russo is "an asshole" -- Just listen to Monday's audioblog between Ed and Doug Kenline.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, he said Aaron BROWN was "an asshole" NOT Aaron Russo.


11:32 AM  
Anonymous George Vreeland Hill said...

The entire United States Government is guilty of the tax crimes they are blaming Ed and Elaine Brown for.
When I think about it, why should the Brown's or anyone for that matter pay any taxes at all?
After all, much of the tax money we are made to give the government winds up being wasted and/or used improperly.
For example, the FBI wasted over $170 million dollars on a computer overhaul project (started in 2001) that was supposed to give them an instant and paperless way to manage criminal and terrorism cases.
That project was called Virtual Case File, and it was so inadequate and outdated that a new computer system project had to be started from scratch at a much higher cost to taxpayers.
The new system named Sentinel, even had problems.
In 2005, Randolph Hite, director of IT architecture and systems issues at the Government Accountability Office, wrote in a letter that the FBI should proceed with Sentinel, and cautioned that problems likely will surface because of a lack of an enterprise architecture plan.
The Sentinel project's cost is $425 million dollars and will not be running at full capacity until late 2009.
This is your tax money.
Here is an eye-opener:
The cost of the war in Iraq has cost the taxpayers more than $359 billion dollars.
According to a Yahoo Internet news source on January 18, 2007, that means with that same money, you could provide total health care and insurance for more than 215 million children a year.
Or, you could hire 6,224,739 schoolteachers for a year.
Or, you could provide more than 17 million full four-year college scholarships.
When Bush started this war on the people of Iraq, their country had nothing to do with terrorists.
The many terrorists around the world were not welcome in Iraq.
Saddam did not even like or trust bin Laden.
Yet, Bush said this is a war on terror.
Iraq is now a haven for terrorists.
This is your tax money.
In 2003, the Department of the Treasury’s 2003 Financial Report of the United States Government has a short section titled “Unreconciled Transactions Affecting the Change in Net Position.”
The unreconciled transactions are funds for which auditors cannot account.
Those funds totaled $25 billion dollars.
The government knows that $25 billion was spent by someone, somewhere, on something, but auditors do not know who spent it, where it was spent, or on what it was spent.
That missing money is your tax money.
Also ....
Between 1997 and 2003, the Defense Department purchased and then left unused approximately 270,000 commercial airline tickets at a total cost of $100 million.
The Defense Department once uncovered its own credit card scandal.
Over an 18-month period, Air Force and Navy personnel once used govern­ment-funded credit cards to charge at least $102,400 for admission to entertainment events, $48,250 for gambling, $69,300 for cruises, and $73,950 for exotic dance clubs and prostitutes.
The CIA has leak scandals that costs tax money.
Congress wastes money.
This branch of government wastes money, and that branch of government wastes money.
Every branch of government is wasting your tax money.
Your tax money is being wasted so badly, that even many towns and cities across the country will use up their construction and other supplies at the end of every year even if they have a lot left over so they can say they need more money for the next year because they don't want to "run out" again.
More money means your tax money.
If I wrote about all the tax money that is being wasted, I would never leave my computer.
So why should the Brown's or anyone else pay taxes?
The money that the government takes for taxes is being wasted.
That is the real crime.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Morse wants Ed and Elaine Brown to go to jail, but it is Morse who should go to jail for defending the government.
Thank you for reading this.
I am,
George Vreeland Hill

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I post about Ed Brown every single day multiple times a day on myspace and I have 76,000 + friends. That blog will reach hardly anyone.

If you want to reach people you post bulletins MULTIPLE TIMES DAILY.If anyone would like the code I use just message me and I will send it to you.

Keep waking people up!


1:27 PM  

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