Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Keene Free Press

Update on the Brown's Situation 01/21/07

More and more supporters are streaming in to the Brown's home in Plainfield. At first, most of the supporters have been of the unarmed variety. Now, many are coming with weapons. Families with children are coming. The Brown home offers especially good sledding, which the kids enjoyed. About 30 people showed up over the weekend.

Bob Shultz, founder of the We the People Foundation joined Ed at his home Sunday. We the People is a group dedicated to educating about the Constitution and facilitating civic action to force government to obey the Constition. We the People recently held a demonstration in Washington DC with ~100 people in V masks demanding answers about the income tax.

Read more and see photos at Keene Free Press.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only wish I could be there......From Long Island, NY

10:29 PM  

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