Monday, September 08, 2008

John McBush is "Barack Rolled"...Again!

You got to hand it to the Republicrats that when they don't get it, they, Really DON'T Get It!
You would have thought they would have learned the first time with the "green screen" and Colbert's green screen challenge...which is now winding down, , to make way for Colbert's new McBush challenge

HOWEVER, to have McBush's acceptance speech in front of a mostly blue screen (remember they were blue screens before they were green screens) is reaching new heights of techno-illiteracy. Here is one of the first non-Colbert "Barack Rolls." Enjoy!

And Democans, don't worry your statist little heads either. I am sure some Republicrat is out there doing the same to Barack O'Kerry.

John McBush is "Barack Rolled"...Again!


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