Monday, December 31, 2007

Fair Trial Photo Protest Supporting Ed and Elaine Brown & "The Freedom Four"

Please visit the page set up to receive, share and celebrate these individual pictures in support of due process - a fair trial - for Ed and Elaine Brown. Be sure to share this link with anyone and everyone you know!! Ed and Elaine continue to be held against their will without due process for a law our government will not reveal to America. Hat Tip to Keith in Rhode Island for setting this up!

Editor's Note: Please be sure to sign the "Quest For Fair Trial Petition" in support of Ed and Elaine Brown and the "Freedom Four" - just click the image below.

Click the Above Image to Sign.

Here are some recent comments from the QFFT petition signatories:

1843. Linda Durbin

The 16th amendment was never properly ratified. It's clear from their refusal to answer, that they don't have a leg to stand on. Wake up America, hold these bloodsucking criminals accountable for their crimes against our people. SHOW THEM THE LAW OR LET THEM GO!!!!!!!

1842. David Lee King

Ed and Elaine you are not alone... Missouri

1840. Rich Umberger

There is NO law ANYWHERE that states we must pay income tax. Yet another elitist scheme to make more money and put fear into the true citizens of this country.



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