Friday, November 16, 2007

We The People = We Are Free = We Are Ron Paul

Ron Paul endorses Free State Project

Dave Ridley - a man with the right perspective - does a great job capturing video of "We The People" as Ron Paul speaks to a crowd at a Manchester New Hampshire event on 9/29/07 where he said "there is a paradigm shift beginning...toward liberty." Beginning at 4:57 min Ron Paul also gave a very heartfelt endorsement of the New Hampshire Free State Project.

Here's the direct clip of Ron Paul's endorsement of the Free State Project:

Editor's Note: September 29th was a great day for freedom because 9/29 (929) corresponds to the phrase "Free From Fear" as follows:

9/29 (929) is a prime number that corresponds to Free (6955) From (6964) Fear (6519) = 20438 = 929 prime X 22



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