Thursday, September 13, 2007

Show us the law, or arrest us too!

Dear Agents of de facto Illegitimate Government,

I see that you've arrested four men today. What I don't see is that these men have committed any crimes. Who have these men victimized? Who has a claim against them? Who has been threatened, harmed, robbed, or defrauded? Where are and who are the accusers of these men? I want to know -- NOW.

It appears to me that you're digging your graves even deeper. Instead of simply coming out and SHOWING THE LAW that requires specifically Ed and Elaine in their former positions as productive, contributing members of sovereign American society, to pay a TAX on their labor. This would amount to slavery, aka involuntary servitude (unless it were VOLUNTARY). Maybe this is why the IRS always uses the term "voluntary compliance?" After all, something cannot be simultaneously voluntary AND mandatory at the same time.

Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
Section 2. Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

There isn't much room to debate this particular amendment. There also isn't much room to debate that the 16th Amendment was not ratified properly. Nor is there room to debate the various court rulings which have never been overturned that say the 16th Amendment did NOT confer any new powers of taxation to any new subjects. Nor is there room to debate that even if the previous evidence were flawed, CONGRESS HAS NOT PASSED ANY LAW TO TAX OUR INCOME!!! If such a law exists (and the aforementioned is not applicable or correct), then why can't they simply SHOW US THE LAW? Is this too much to ask? If it's there in the law book somewhere, let's see it and we can all stop arguing.

This thing has been blown wide open by the many people involved -- patriots like Aaron Russo, Sherry Peel Jackson, Irwin Schiff, Bob Schulz, Ed & Elaine Brown, and of course Danny Riley, Bob Wolffe, Cirino Gonzales, and Jason Gerhard -- the four men you arrested today -- among countless others. When more, and more, and ever more men and women across this wonderful land realize the fraud of the income tax, that THERE IS NO LAW, how are you going to justify your actions? "I'm just doing my job," or "I'm just following orders," does not work. The Nazis tried these excuses and they failed miserably. You follow in their footsteps -- committing war crime, after war crime, after war crime. You work for the wealthy, power elite who have declared war on US -- the American People. You're on the wrong side!!!

This is how it was in 1775 and the years before the revolution. We're back at that same point again. As JFK said -- before your employers killed him -- "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." You men and women are our brothers and sisters -- just as the British (and their loyalists) were. Why are you making peaceful revolution impossible? Do you CRAVE war? Is that why you dress up as warriors, in black, in sniper suits, with body armor, masks, face paint, and automatic rifles? We certainly don't. We wish for peaceful revolution.

Ed and Elaine have proposed peaceful resolutions to this whole mess. A) You leave them alone and they will continue their peaceful, productive lives not harming anyone as always or B) You can show them the law that required them to pay the tax, and they'll surrender. You seem to want to choose C) Ignore the Constitution and our laws and arrest, hurt, and kill anyone who goes against you.

Option C is tyranny.

You have admitted to Danny Riley that you folks in your black SUVs and BDUs (battle dress uniforms) are fully aware and acknowledge the nonexistence of this elusive law. So how then can you enforce it? Don't you have a conscience? Didn't your parents teach you right and wrong. Indeed, one doesn't even need parents -- right and wrong comes from the HEART. Have you worn those uniforms so long that they've squashed your hearts? Are your hearts just a few sizes too small like the Grinch?

No, I don't think so. I think you just get paid too well. I think you are mercenaries -- the same type of mercenaries that have been around for many thousands of years. You are hired guns -- willing to commit VIOLENT CRIMES for money. Your paychecks and pensions are all too precious to you. You've sold out that which makes you human to begin with -- a sense of honor, love, kindness, and righteousness. You've sold your families, your kids, your grandkids, and the rest of your country. You've sold US out -- for money.

You make us sick and disgusted. You make us ashamed to call you our countrymen and women.

"May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget ye were our countrymen." -- Samuel Adams

I am so saddened that I live in this land with you folks. I'm sure I could find more honor and decency in places all over this globe. But to have been raised in THIS land -- the land of my forefathers -- the land won with the blood of free men, with even the price of the innocent blood of its inhabitants, to have been raised in THIS land and taught the virtues of freedom, and to live and witness these transgressions -- it is unthinkable.

You have arrested four innocent men. As you read this, they are most likely being treated badly -- food and shelter conditions, interrogations, terrible threats such as life in prison, decades in prison, you name it. Perhaps you are even using some of the other torture techniques you commonly employ around the world and in THIS land. You have arrested these men for the ultimate crime: following their hearts. These men were moved by their hearts, from the very depths, to help and assist and older couple whose lives have been turned upside-down by your unwillingness to follow the law.

This help might have meant bringing them food from the grocery store or candles from supporters. It might have meant spending time with them and sharing their love. It matters not how these men supported the Browns. They did it from their hearts. They did it and, to my knowledge, never hurt anyone -- including unlawful mercenaries like you. This means they are not criminals -- as they've harmed no one and violated the rights of no one. Why, then, did you arrest them? Oh yes, your paycheck.

I don't know what the future will hold. I do know that if fate looks unfavorably upon freedom, and our generations are doomed to a tyranny that even surpasses what we have now -- you all will regret your actions deeply. Your paychecks will not buy salvation from your own guilt. You have an opportunity to stop committing unlawful acts of violence against the People, and to utilize your so-called positions of "authority" to SECURE our unalienable rights like the Declaration says. If this is too much to ask -- then arrest me and the others. For we stand with love, freedom, and truth. We follow our hearts, not the paychecks of evil masters. We stand with and support the Browns no matter what you do. So show us the law, or arrest us too.

Sincerely in Love, Freedom, and Truth,

Shaun Allen Kranish©
A Sovereign American Citizen


Blogger Jeremy Hier said...

If this continues, Resisting Arrest,
is what is needed.

What is the law for placing people under arrest. Those people at Critical Mass in NYC were put in handcuffs.

How can you let someone put you in handcuffs, when you know you did nothing wrong.

Again, what is the law for placing someone under arrest and putting handcuffs on you. It seems this can be done for any reason.

9:40 AM  
Blogger TruePatriot said...

To anyone reading these words:

The malfeasant bastards, who arrested the (four) men, are cronies of the Gestapo USA. I think that everyone, who can possibly manage, should aid the Browns.

The IRS & their henchmen are merely minions for the Federal Reserve- a NON branch of US government! Our Constitution, liberty, justice system & sovereignty have been hijacked by corrupt politicians!

The founding fathers gave us the Constitution to prevent exactly what is transpiring here & now! The very same Constitution, which public officials have sworn to uphold! So, when the day arrives, in which a peaceful, elderly couple
is charged & indicted for a crime, for which NO (apparent) law exists, then it is time for change!

It is generally human nature to be kind, compassionate & helpful towards their fellow mankind. These (four) men, who were arrested, are true patriots & the miscreants, who arrested them are brainwashed buffoons &/or tyrannical traders.

The breath of revolution is upon our doorstep, for as Jefferson is quoted as saying, "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants."

In closing, I challenge any & all the misfits, who have partaken in the atrocities against the Browns, to do what they have been asking all along... SHOW THEM THE LAW!!!

11:04 AM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

Kudos to Shaun! Well written, and covering all the main points...a piece worthy of quoting.

As the arrests have now started, I hope that those of you closest to the battle (most likely to also get arrested) realize:
1) NEVER plead guilty;
2) NEVER respond to police interrogations;
3) immediately ask for a court-appointed attorney;
4) make sure your attorney understands COMMON Law;
5) if it gets to court and before a jury, tell the judge you wish to make an "offer of proof for my appeal" (or, "offer into evidence");
6) if you are denied ANYTHING in court, ask the judge, "Are you trying to rush me to judgment?";
7)if you are threatened with contempt of court, ask, "Is that civil contempt or criminal contempt?".
If civil, ask to see the contract between you and the judge; then say, "I don't agree to the terms of the contract". (There is, of course, no contract.)
If criminal, ask who makes the claim, what is the crime, and who is the injured party?
8) If all else fails, respond with, "I do not understand". If the judge asks what it is that you don't understand, say, "I do not understand what I do not understand".

Some folks in the Common Law Movement (Sovereignty Movement) believe that one should use ONLY # 8) above. I don't agree, but they may be right.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney or para-legal; this is not legal advice. It's an opinion. I assume no liability for any harm which may result from the use of the items above. [Using the methods above has worked for some people in the Sovereignty Movement, at least, according to them.]


p.s. Everyone hang in there.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

P.S. to All

Silence is a powerful weapon at times, but it takes discipline to use it effectively.

When asking the questions (or making the statements) I posed in my comment above, it is CRUCIAL that you remain silent until you get an answer. The judge or prosecutor may rant & rave, trying to provoke you, but until the question is answered either REMAIN SILENT, or if provoked beyond reason, state, "I'm waiting for an answer, Judge".

Regarding police interrogations...again, no matter how you are threatened, pay no mind, and ask for an attorney. Say nothing else. POLICE ARE ALLOWED BY LAW TO LIE DURING INTERROGATIONS; you cannot trust anything they say.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

To Jeremy:

Police can cuff you without arresting you...if they believe that you may be a threat. They can't take you to the precinct without arresting you, but they can restrain you.

With all due respect, resisting arrest physically is a really bad idea. The "law" is then completely on their side, and you are definitely screwed. The best thing is to state, "I submit under protest and duress, with all rights reserved."...also state that at the police precinct.

And, as I said in comments above, immediately ask for an attorney and keep silent during any interrogation.

Sincerely, Scott

1:32 PM  
Blogger Jeremy Hier said...

guess there is no law.

parameters need to be defined as to what constitutes being a threat.

if we let them get away with the little things, then we encourage them to do more.

the 4 people arrested for obstruction of justice, what justice have they obstructed. For too long we the people have accepted their legal labels.

these legal labels need to be defined and explained in regards to the situation at the point in time.

remember Innocent until Proven Guilty

it has become the other way around unfortunately.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Scott Haley said...

The "law" you're seeking varies from State to State, County to County, and City to City...unless, as is the case with Danny,, it is the Feds doing the arresting. In that case, I don't is most likely stated in each Fed law that can be "broken".

As to what constitutes being a threat, and the often vague (or convoluted) wording of legal labels, it is that way purposely. The game is fixed. That's not true in obvious cases such as murder, but rather in cases involving "obstructing justice", "threatening an officer", "disturbing the peace", "posing a threat to oneself or others", etc.

10:07 PM  

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