Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More on Douglas County Oregon IRS Patriots

1776: Remember what that date was all about?

"The ladies did considerable research and organization of the data before placing their information before the Douglas County Commissioners."

A summary of these alleged felonies are:

"1. An unidentified IRS employee sends via U.S. Mail a "Notice of Federal Lien" bearing no wet-ink signature or penalty-of-perjury certification statement to the County Recorder (hereinafter "Clerk"),

2. Neither the Clerk demands nor the IRS employee offers proof that:
a. Any valid lien existed for which the IRS employee sent notice, or
b. Any senior U.S. Treasury Department official authorized the IRS employee actually to enforce the collection of taxes,

3. The Clerk stamps a serial number upon the notice, thereby making into a security,

4. The Clerk stamps a seal of office upon the notice,

5. The Clerk records the "Notice of Federal Lien" in the official public records of the county,

Read more here.

Thanks to Casey Lee Cobb for reporting the name of the woman in the video Rae Copitka.


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